"Our global team of experts focus on providing strategic value to your wealth management business through innovative wealthtech and personalized service."

Alex Serman, CIPM Managing Director Wealth & Institutional
First Rate Wealth: $10B+ Assets Under Management

Tailored technology solutions for wealth management firms with $10 billion+ AUM.

The wealth management industry evolves rapidly. To stay ahead of the curve, firms require technology tailored to an everchanging array of challenges and opportunities. That’s why First Rate takes a market-centric approach. We’ve developed wealthtech solutions for firms with $10 billion+ AUM in order to provide unsurpassed customization and scalability. Our AI and machine-learning technology facilitate and enhance data processing and analysis, while enabling managers to create unique and effective investment strategies. Each of our intuitive tools requires limited training, so you can focus more on client relationships.

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First Rate Wealth $10B + Team

The key to success is often determined
by how you invest your time.

Maximize technology efficiency with our comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly solutions. Translate complex data into clear insights, streamline and automate processes, ensure oversight and compliance, and create robust reports to better inform your investment decision making.

CORE 2.0™ Comes loaded with a suite of innovative tools, featuring an advisor dashboard and a report builder that adds ample functionality and an extensible widget library. 

  • Intuitive advisor dashboard for daily performance needs with customizable widgets
  • Report Writer tool to easily create and edit performance reports based on entitlements

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DAAS is powered by an artificial intelligence engine called ArtIE to help ingest, automate, and efficiently process structured and unstructured data sources. 

  • Connect data from multiple custodians into one holistic view for performance and other needs.
  • Aggregate, normalize, and reconcile data so the final output is scrubbed for accuracy. 

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ACE is an integrated composite management solution that minimizes potential for error by improving accuracy of composite composition and investment performance results.

  • Rules based engine to maintain composites on a monthly basis without manual intervention
  • Includes reports to show composite level performance as well as compliance oversight. 

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ExecView is an automated oversight and surveillance solution that allows you to analyze advisor performance and risk exposures, assess trends and identify outliers and exceptions, as well as meet your firm's surveillance needs. 

  • Bird's eye view of a composite or other group of accounts to maintain investment strategy
  • Provides insight into trends and outliers at a glance to enable better decision making.

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IPAAS integrates a trusted performance calculation engine into any platform using APIs. Our proprietary data processing and auditing practices will help you meet your SLAs with confidence.

  • Back-office tool for performance experts to analyze and enhance data for client reporting.

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Elevate your success with a higher level of service.

When you partner with us, you’ll have access to a team of performance experts dedicated to the $10 billion+ AUM market. We’ll help you tailor solutions to your firm’s specific strategy and needs, then ensure your wealth managers understand how to get the most out of your data and reporting. In fact, our team members have helped clients with composite maintenance, alternative asset performance and reporting, data aggregation, and after-tax performance. We also have experts in performance with multiple CFA and CIPM designation holders with more than 60 years of combined experience between them.

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Michael Bench Senior Service Manager Wealth
Team Member Spotlight

I am a born Bostonian, lived here all my life, and a married father of two.

I have 19 years of experience in back office operations in the wealth management space. Ten of those years have been spent within performance analytics, primarily on the First Rate platform – both client side and now managing a team of five analysts here at First Rate.

During the last 10 years, I’ve participated in client conversions and de-conversions, upgrades, business transformation, internal/external audit reviews, and managed multiple operational workflows concurrently outside of just performance, e.g., fees, pricing, and asset set up teams alongside a performance team.

Fun fact: I am not related to MLB Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench of the 1970s Cincinnati Reds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked about my relation to him growing up.