We provide institutional wealth management firms with sophisticated wealthtech solutions and bespoke service to support the evolving needs of the market.

Alex Serman Managing Director Wealth & Institutional
First Rate Institutional

Access higher levels of technology, service and transparency to better ensure your mission objectives.

First Rate Institutional provides robust tools, transparent reporting, and reliable data to Endowments, Charitable Funds, Pension Funds, and other institutional investors. We take a collaborative approach, tailoring solutions at scale to support the unique needs of our customers through our team of performance experts, customizable solutions, and deep tech stack.

First Rate Corporate Office

Maximize technology efficiency with our comprehensive portfolio of user-friendly solutions.

Translate complex data into clear insights, streamline and automate processes, ensure oversight and compliance, and create robust reports to better inform your investment decision making.

CORE 2.0™ Comes loaded with a suite of innovative tools, featuring an advisor dashboard and a report builder that adds ample functionality and an extensible widget library.

  • Modern, customizable interface. Easy to use for report creation.

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ExecView is an automated oversight and surveillance solution that allows you to analyze advisor performance and risk exposures, assess trends and identify outliers and exceptions, as well as meet your firm's surveillance needs. 

  • Bird's eye view of a composite or other group of accounts to maintain investment strategy
  • Provides insight into trends and outliers at a glance to enable better decision making.

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IPAAS integrates a trusted performance calculation engine into any platform using APIs. Our proprietary data processing and auditing practices will help you meet your SLAs with confidence.

  • Back-office tool for performance experts to analyze and enhance data for client reporting.

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Coming Soon from First Rate.

Client Presentation Builder (CPB):

Experience full customization for creating and presenting client reporting packages, including exclusive features like Presentation Mode, which enables advisors to highlight specific sections within a report, zoom into each section, then dive into the details with clients.

  • Premium Reports: First Rate will soon offer additional widgets in CORE 2.0 as well as other enhanced reporting features. 

Customize reporting with in-depth detail while clarifying the big picture for diverse audiences.

Some institutional constituents simply want a 40,000-foot view of fund strategy, investments and progress. Others demand minute detail to ensure the mission is respected. Yet at every level, the highest level of service should be expected, and that’s precisely what sets First Rate apart. We encourage you to meet our dedicated team of experts.