Data Solutions


The best relationships are built on trusted data.

Trust is the cornerstone of the wealth management business. It is essential to provide clients with accurate information and insights. Yet outdated technology systems can lead to inaccuracy, while lack of transparency makes it difficult to identify and correct data problems. That’s why First Rate developed Investment Performance as a Service. It integrates a trusted performance calculation system into any platform using APIs.

IPAAS is infinitely scalable and designed to deliver performance audits and results as efficiently as possible.

Enables scalable, efficient review and reconciliation of accounting data issues.

Enterprise editors support global changes to security prices, accruals, asset, and transaction mapping.

Spreadsheet-like editors enable selectivity / subsets of accounts for more targeted issues.

Also includes individual account or record editors.

Performance results are automatically rebuilt after each change is applied, while audit log records capture any changes made to the data. Our robust, effective process:

We begin with a data health assessment to understand the nature of your data issues.

Enterprise, multi-row and individual editors support on-the-fly changes that are captured in audit logs.

Open APIs, extracts, and a database-agnostic technology stack enable you to choose any integration method that fits your technology strategy.

Meet your SLAs with confidence, build client trust and foster lasting relationships.

First Rate is up to date on all industry compliance standards and regulations including earning the SOC 2 Type 2/SSAE Audits. Our quarterly releases contain enhancements based on industry feedback and best in practice methodologies that source from 300+ Wealth Managers with more than $2T in assets.

“When markets are so often driven by psychology, it’s nice to know there are still people who are really good at math.”