From Career
to Calling

First Rate was founded more than 30 years ago by Dave and Trina Stone. They wanted to create a business that would serve clients, coworkers, and communities with dedication, humility, and gratitude. They both felt this powerful calling to serve and have centered their company around it. As a result, First Rate has grown into a global wealthtech firm with staff representing diverse cultures, faith, and talents. We work together in an environment that enables everyone to thrive, and the values we embrace provide many intangible benefits to our customers. 

Dave and Trina Stone

Trina & David Stone | Co-Founders

We’re the only Wall Street asset that can’t be sold.

The average tenure of a First Rate customer is more than 14 years. They say our innovative technology and unmatched service are the primary reasons why they don’t want to leave. And, of course, they don’t want us to go anywhere either. We’re independent today, and we’re going to stay that way. Wealth management is a long-term venture. Partnering with a wealthtech firm should be too.

The sun never sets on First Rate.

First Rate has a presence on four continents, and we continue to expand our global footprint. Through our continuous innovation, our customers are able to more easily manage the most internationally diverse and complex portfolios. The way we see it, no corner of the financial world should be beyond reach.

First Rate Home Build Service Project

Love. Give. Serve. Enjoy.

These actions are at the core of our life philosophy and company values.

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Dave Stone CEO & Co-Founder
Trina Stone Executive Chair & Co-Founder
Craig Wietz President


Markets & Administration
Jon Beadles, CFA, CIPM Wealth $5-10B AUM
Rob Bethmann Broker/Dealer & RIA
Grayson Greer Global
Rachel Guy Wealth <$5B AUM
Deniqua Hill Chief Administrative Officer
Nayan Madhamshettiwar Professional Services
Alex Serman, CIPM $10B+ AUM, Institutional
Marshall Smith First Rate Ventures
Emily Traxler Data Solutions


Software as a Service (SAAS)
Ahmad El-Katib Chief Product Officer
Sabine Adams Managed Hosting
First Rate Corporate Team

We invest wisely in
human capital.

We’re in the business of maximizing human potential – ours and yours. We do it by treating our people like royalty, so they’re motivated to exceed expectations, building innovative technology and serving our customers at a higher level. We encourage you to join us in our mission.

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