"Our turnkey suite of solutions can transform your wealth management business."

Rachel Guy Managing Director Wealth
First Rate Wealth: Up to $5B Assets Under Management

With the right technology and the right people, you can transform your business.

First Rate offers a comprehensive suite of wealthtech solutions designed especially for firms with up to $5B AUM. Our market-centric approach means you'll have access to innovative products designed to make your job easier. By simplifying your tech stack and providing scalable tools that require limited training, First Rate helps smooth your digital transformation, so you can focus on serving your clients. 

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First Rate team member Rachel Guy discusses business with a couple over coffee.

Provide greater service without greater effort.

Turn complexity into clarity with automated data aggregation. Improve data accuracy and reporting efficiency to provide customers with a holistic view of their investments. First Rate offers intuitive tools to help you provide actionable insights, aiding investment decision making and enhancing your client relationships and retention.

Streamline technology systems and scale processes as you grow your business.

  • Take advantage of our comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of automated solutions
  • Consolidate data from any source automatically, including held-away accounts.
  • Access customizable templates and a diverse library of reporting schemes.
  • Translate performance data and create client reports quickly and accurately.
  • Meet SLAs with confidence and ensure compliance with regulations.
Jared Davis Senior Performance Analyst Wealth

We provide more than advanced wealth management technology. We provide Jared.

When you work with First Rate, you’ll be assigned a dedicated analyst whose job it is to help you get full value from our technology and provide as much support as your internal team requires. Jared has been with First Rate 7 years and will help ensure you get maximum value from working with First Rate. Moreover, our product suite has been designed to be easy to use regardless of your level of technical expertise.