Reporting Products

CORE 2.0™

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
But our pictures are worth real money.

CORE 2.0™ is a powerful, intuitive platform designed to be extensible, easy to upgrade, and comes loaded with a suite of tools that enable users to easily customize their reports. It’s built around three key features: performance analytics, customizable dashboards, and a report builder. CORE 2.0™ adds new functionality to the robust foundation established with our original CORE™ product.

CORE 2.0™ at a glance
  • Customizable Advisor Dashboard 
  • AI, ML and Natural Language Generation tools built in 
  • Extensible Widget Library – add you own custom widget via our easily accessible API
  • API access
  • Suite of pre-built report packages
  • PDF uploader, so you can supplement your data with additional insights

Data Aggregation

The platform aggregates, normalizes and generates performance returns from multiple sources, including banks, custodians, asset managers, and held-aways. This makes it easy to provide insights on client investments and generate accurate, up-to-date reports.

Performance Analytics

Our powerful performance-engine executes in-depth analytics of each client’s portfolio, enabling you to provide valuable insights on investment performance relative to strategy, so you make data-driven decisions.

Customizable Advisor Dashboard

Provides easy access to the platform and can be configured to suit your precise investment strategies and preferences. Widgets allow users to quickly drag and drop each sub- component onto your report. Easily customize the data points added to each sub-component to ensure you get to tell your story, your way. With CORE 2.0™, we’ve eliminated time-consuming updates; new features can be quickly added via the widget library or through our open API.

Report Builder

Report Builder has been completely redesigned to make report creation faster and more intuitive. The WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop application includes an ever-expanding library of over 120 schedules inclusive of performance, allocation, risk, holdings, and transactions. Choose from default themes or build your own with branding to match your organization’s style requirements. Select and arrange households, accounts, and schedules into any order. Import externally generated content (e.g. market commentary) into curated report packages that can be saved and re-used in future periods. With CORE 2.0™, you can create boardroom-quality reports to share with your clients. And if you need even more customization, our Professional Services group is also available to assist you.

Build your unique brand while building client wealth.

Investment clients can have diverse needs. While some may only be interested in returns, others may want more robust information and insights. CORE 2.0™ makes it easy to customize reporting for large volumes of portfolios and according to your firm’s overall strategy.

“Tired of the one-size-fits-all wealthtech world? Perhaps it’s time for a good tailor.”