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New York Investment Performance Reporting

First Rate has been providing top-tier software for New York investment performance reporting for over 30 years. Our many clients recognize the tremendous value of keeping their financial software up to date. Now, with the help of AI and machine learning our investment performance reporting in New York NY is more robust and customizable than ever. Many of our clients have billions of dollars in AUM and need to take advantage of every edge they can gain.

If you have antiquated financial software for your investment performance reporting in New York NY, you are taking a risk. You may be allocating too much time to certain tasks that should be automated and your data presentation tools may be severely lacking. Clients appreciate a clear story about their assets and/or portfolio histories. Utilize sophisticated tools for the best results!

Upgrade Your New York Investment Performance Reporting

If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about your financial software, it might be a sign that a demo is in order. It’s time to find out what modern New York investment performance reporting can do for you. There’s so much value (and alpha) to be extracted from historical data, but many companies don’t take full advantage of emerging technology.

Here are some interesting facts about First Rate:

  • Over 300 clients
  • 102 team members
  • Over $3 trillion in AUM
  • 2 million portfolios measured
  • Offices in key markets around the globe

We’re proud of our reputation over the last three decades in helping family offices, trusts, endowments and banks increase the quality and clarity of their New York investment performance reporting.

Here are some of our awards for our products that provide superb investment performance reporting in New York NY:

  1. – 2016 Industry Awards
  2. – 2021 Industry Awards - Winner
  3. WealthTechAmericas – 2022 Awards

It’s time for your office or division to examine what our cutting-edge financial software can do for you! We will provide solutions that are specific to your working environment and needs. We will demonstrate what you can do with advanced New York investment performance reporting that your clients will certainly notice.

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