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Chicago Alternative Asset Management Software

Have you thought about replacing your outdated spreadsheets with cutting-edge Chicago alternative asset management software? First Rate has been developing our financial software for over 30 years and it’s more powerful than ever before. You’ll benefit from accurate data aggregation and analysis. Furthermore, you’ll be able to present financial data in myriad ways that your clients will be receptive to.

Our alternative asset management software in Chicago IL is an investment that reaps rewards. You’ll be able to provide world-class reporting on:

  • Performance Attribution
  • Multi-Perspective Analysis
  • Portfolio Company Operations
  • Measurement and analysis of long-term value creation

Our Chicago alternative asset management software integrates AI and machine learning innovation to enable better decisions based on your data.

Reap the Rewards: Chicago Alternative Asset Management Software

There are three key areas that many of our customers for alternative asset management software in Chicago IL focus on:

  1. Private Equity
  2. Venture Capital
  3. Real Estate

Manage your fund’s life cycle including deal flow management, partnership accounting and investor reporting. You’ll have the flexibility of using your preferred accounting method with our Chicago alternative asset management software. First Rate knows that you require customizable software that applies directly to the business you’re doing. We can help you set up a workflow that will generate useful reporting, KPIs and actionable items. Of course, you’ll also be able to utilize tools like automatic portfolio rebalancing that are more advanced than ever.

Our clients know that cutting-edge software is essential to reaching large goals. If you have an outdated system of data aggregation, reporting and insights it is worthwhile to make the change. We have over 30 years of experience helping many Wealth Management firms streamline their use of our alternative asset management software in Chicago IL.

You’ll benefit from increased transparency and best-in-class reporting. Your clients will appreciate the clear transmission of information regarding their investments as there are many ways to present such data. You’ll be empowered to decide which method of presentation is most effective and persuasive for the situation at hand. Investor reports are an important part of the equation.

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