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Boston Investment Management Solutions

If you're a Wealth Management firm looking for the best Boston investment management solutions, First Rate is the partner for you. With more than three decades working with Wealth Management firms, First Rate has the experience to curate investment solutions tailored specifically to help your firm achieve its goals. Our mission is to provide the best in class technology, data and analytics with an emphasis on client satisfaction, and our investment management solutions in Boston MA reflect this goal.

Our Boston Investment Management Solutions

First Rate believes in creating a tailored approach to each client’s investment strategy. We understand that every client has individual needs and requirements, so our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop the best solution for your firm. Our Boston investment management solutions include:

Portfolio Analytics Solutions

We understand the need for detailed analytics to truly understand the performance of your portfolios, and our investment management solutions in Boston MA are designed to give you the insights and information you need. We provide portfolio performance reporting, risk management and analytics, manager search capabilities and more.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

First Rate is committed to providing comprehensive revenue cycle management services to our clients, including investment income and cash flow forecasting, fund distribution processing, accounting reconciliation services and more.

Compliance Services

Our compliance services ensure that your investments are always in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Our Boston investment management solutions include comprehensive risk reporting, portfolio monitoring and surveillance capabilities, automated trading controls, real-time compliance alerts and much more.

Data Aggregation

First Rate's Investment Performance as a Service (IPAAS) data aggregation platform is part of our investment management solutions in Boston MA. This platform enables you to integrate your data from multiple sources into a single, consolidated data pool for easy access and analysis.

Reporting and Insights

With our innovative Reporting as a Service (RAAS) platform, you can access a range of reporting options, from portfolio reports to custom-built dashboards. Our investment management solutions in Boston MA also include advanced analytics and insights that help you make informed decisions for your portfolios. Our IAAS is a revolutionary insights platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide predictive analysis of your data.

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