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Boston Investment Fund Accounting Software

First Rate is synonymous with best-in-class financial software. We’ve been serving Wealth Management firms in Boston (and around the world) for decades. We provide Boston investment fund accounting software that vastly improves your stewardship of clients. Accounting software may not be the most glamorous topic in the world of business, but it is always directly related to the fate of any given company.

Our investment fund accounting software in Boston MA is the result of many years of innovation and refinement. Furthermore, it is designed to fit your Wealth Management firm’s specific needs. You’ll benefit from many customizable features in our accounting software as well as all the extra functionality such as advanced investment reporting and insights.

Better Boston Investment Fund Accounting Software for Accuracy

Mistakes made with outdated financial software can be costly. That is also the case regarding data sets that are inaccurate and/or not properly vetted. Data needs to be tested and audited before it’s used for any purpose.

Data privacy is an increasingly prevalent issue as well. Your clients assume that your firm is using modern software with up-to-date encryption protocols. If that’s not the case, your clients’ data could be in jeopardy. That’s an unnecessary risk easily solved by using more advanced Boston investment fund accounting software.

First Rate likes to remind Wealth Management firms of the importance of utilizing robust investment fund accounting software in Boston MA. This is an area where delay is common and can be costly. Ironically, the cost is the reason many firms delay updating their financial software.

Our goal is not just to make a sale. We aim to help you be a better steward of your clients’ assets and capital. Our powerful Boston investment fund accounting software will help you do that. Our dedication to data integrity is second to none.

Here are some additional reasons to use our investment fund accounting software in Boston MA:

  • World-class customer service and support.
  • Our average client relationship is 14 years.
  • We offer a free demo to see what our software has to offer.
  • Consolidate data from any source including alternative assets/held-away accounts.

Today’s world involves more complex accounting because the diversity of assets (and their taxable complexity) is increasing. First Rate helps you by advancing alongside those changes.

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