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Austin Wealth Technology Solutions

Technology is a main driver in the wealth management industry, and First Rate is a proud provider of cutting-edge Austin wealth technology solutions for Wealth Management firms. With more than three decades of providing these firms with the best in technology, First Rate is the go-to source for wealth management firms looking to stay ahead of their competition. Our wealth technology solutions in Austin TX are designed to help these firms streamline their operations and improve their customer experience.

First Rate's Austin Wealth Technology Solutions

Wealth Management firms in Austin can benefit from our wealth technology solutions that are designed and tailored to their individual needs. We understand the complexity of the industry and design our technology around it, helping firms create a competitive advantage. Our suite of wealth technology solutions in Austin TX include:

Robust Reporting Tools

Firms need to generate detailed reports on their investments, portfolios and performance. Our robust Reporting as a Service (RAAS) platform makes it easy to generate meaningful reports quickly and accurately. Firms using RAAS are able to create compelling investment stories with their data and present them to clients in a visually appealing format.

Powerful Investment Performance Software

Wealth Management firms using disparate technology systems run the risk of producing inaccurate investment data. Our Austin wealth technology solutions include our powerful Investment Performance as a Service (IPAAS) platform, which audits, validates and consolidates data from multiple sources. This allows firms to have complete visibility into their investment performance and make better decisions, faster.

Cutting-edge Data Aggregation Software

Our wealth technology solutions in Austin TX also include the cutting-edge Data Aggregation as a Service (DAAS) platform, which allows firms to easily aggregate data from multiple sources and organize it in a single view. This helps wealth management firms get the most out of their data, as it provides them with a comprehensive overview of their portfolios, investments and performance.

High-level Insights and Analytics

Our Austin wealth technology solutions also include high-level insights and analytics from our Insights as a Service (IAAS) platform. IAAS provides firms with actionable intelligence that helps them make the best decisions for their portfolios. With IAAS, firms can access up-to-date market data, utilize powerful forecasting capabilities, and gain deeper insights into their investments.

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