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Improve oversight with better vision.

First Rate ExecView is an automated oversight and surveillance solution for wealth management firms. It allows you to analyze advisor performance and risk exposures, assess trends and identify outliers and exceptions, as well as meet your firm’s surveillance needs in the context of increasing regulatory scrutiny. Firms can customize views by using filters and select industry sectors, benchmarks, investment policies and other rules that apply to your firm’s business.

“By utilizing scalable technological solutions, businesses will be able to manage relationships with their end clients more effectively which in turn can grow their assets under management. This creates a win-win situation for both financial institutions and investors.”

– Oliver Wyman and BRINK/Marsh & McLennan Insights

Get a real-time digital view into your firm’s account universe.

  • Interactive views provide insight into investment trends and outliers defined by areas of interest or exposure, such as investment policies, portfolio managers, geographical regions and other grouping demographics.
  • ExecView reviews all Total Fund, Asset Class and industry levelreturns, financials, and risk attributes across the complete universe of accounts flagged for monitoring.
  • Views quickly illustrate via graphs and tabular data widely held assets, top holdings, and performers. 
  • Users can also evaluate exposure through review of outliers in areas of return distribution and policies, risk, turnover, correlation to benchmarks and concentration.

Access an unprecedented range of data mining and customization to allow interactive insights into investment trends and outliers.

  • Put the power of data mining to work for your firm by revealing trends, identifying outliers and preventing problems before they occur.
  • Cut the time and cost to conduct oversight on each account or portfolio by using labor intensive, spreadsheet oriented analytics.
  • Conduct compliance reporting with comprehensive tracking and on-demand reporting function. 
  • Implement business-rule-driven risk and return exception views.
  • Aggregate data across risk models, portfolio managers or any demographic to monitor fees, policy adherence, risk and return exceptions outliers.
  • Use memo features to log and document exceptions and resolutions for audit purposes.

Gain systematic means of putting client interests first.

  • Designing and implementing oversight best practices has never been more important for protecting the people charged with oversight.
  • Through ExecView’s rules-based automated portfolio surveillance, your firm can deliver on its promise to help clients achieve investment goals.

Be better prepared for audits by solving data challenges.

  • Capture all client-defined account and portfolio data.
  • Store, process, export, and share the data.
  • Document oversight in a reliable and consistent digital format. 
  • Capture documented exception and notification data to show regulators what your oversight team has used to secure data repositories.