Data Solutions


Run from bears. Run with bulls.
But don’t do either blindfolded.

First Rate solutions translate complex performance data into a clear and comprehensive picture. With our technology, you can consolidate and audit data from any and all sources, including alternatives and held-away accounts. Whatever direction the markets are moving, you’ll have the insights and vision needed to make better decisions.

Turn complexity into clarity.

First Rate Data Aggregation as a Service (DaaS) is powered by an artificial intelligence engine called ArtIE to help ingest, automate, and efficiently process structured and unstructured data sources, providing back analyses and a comprehensive view of critical data insights, facilitating better decision making on behalf of your clients.

DAAS at a glance
  • Transform unorganized and decentralized data with a central dashboard document vault. 
  • Eliminate manual processes with automated data-extraction and reconciliation.
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy with machine learning algorithms that normalize your data.
  • Free up your internal resources by allowing our intelligent operations team to focus on complex cases. 
  • Improve reporting efficiency with data that is already prepared for your upstream performance reporting system.
  • Ensure data transparency with the ability to trace data back to the document source.

The robust functionality of First Rate DaaS was developed to ensure data integrity.

  • Data extraction is possible from any format including electronic feed, PDF, excel, images, paper, web harvesting, etc.
  • Allows for custodial level, portfolio level, transactional level reconciliation. Includes multiple layers of automated QA processes and fully normalized data per client requirement.Supports custom normalization rules at the firm, client, custodian, and account level.
  • Exception handling of data accuracy, built-in quality assurance and business rule compliance are included.
  • Flexible and interactive dashboard makes it easy to implement performance return methodologies, risk metrics allocation & benchmark analysis.
  • Seamlessly integrates into client’s core systems with complete insulation from custodian and technology variability.

With First Rate DAAS, you can transform complex data from multiple sources and deliver it into your critical reporting, trust accounting or portfolio management systems.