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From Local To Global: How First Rate Is Changing The Game With Its Mission-Driven Approach

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From Local To Global: How First Rate Is Changing The Game With Its Mission-Driven Approach

Marshall Smith • April 12, 2023

For over 30 years, First Rate has embedded its core values of Love, Give, Serve, and Enjoy into every aspect of its operations, as evidenced by the positive impact it has had on clients, coworkers, and communities. Maintaining consistency with culture and structure is challenging for any firm, but the difficulties increase exponentially as a company expands globally. Here are three ways that First Rate continues to grow and innovate while staying true to its values and culture.

Long-Term Vision

Long-term planning is a top priority for First Rate, as it focuses on serving clients, coworkers, and communities for decades to come. Unlike many companies that seek to increase equity value through mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, First Rate is not for sale and is committed to building a platform that can withstand volatile markets and evolving technologies.

Decentralized Leadership

To do business in a new community or culture requires an in-depth understanding of that market and investing in local talent and expertise. Rather than migrating team members or relying on direction from home base, First Rate hires and empowers staff who live and work in the communities it expands into. By providing tools, processes, and intellectual property, First Rate ensures that its teams can serve their local markets effectively and sustainably.

Mission Is Central

Some people might find it daunting, but for First Rate, its mission is paramount. The company prioritizes building people and communities, knowing that by doing so, it can achieve its financial goals and create a win-win situation for everyone, including clients, coworkers, and capital.

Global expansion is a complex process, but First Rate has shown that by focusing on mission, values, and people, it can achieve success even in uncertain markets. By prioritizing long-term planning, investing in local talent, and centering its mission, First Rate is transforming communities around the world through its innovative approach.