First Rate Wins Big at FTF Awards 2024

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First Rate Wins Big at FTF Awards 2024

First Rate Team • June 03, 2024

In a remarkable achievement, First Rate, a global leader in WealthTech solutions with over three decades of experience, has secured prestigious wins at the Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) Awards 2024. The winners of the FTF Awards competition are chosen by their peers in the industry via a strategic vetted voting process. The annual prestigious awards, that begun in 2011, celebrate the achievements of outstanding individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to the financial technology landscape.

First Rate is proud to announce themselves as a winner in two categories. Nayan Madhamshettiwar, Managing Director of Professional Services, has been honored as the Fintech Person of the Year, and Alex Serman, Managing Director of Wealth & Institutional, has been recognized as the Ops Business Person of the Year.

Celebrating Innovation and Leadership

First Rate has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to the wealth management industry. The company's innovative approach and unwavering dedication to excellence have made it a trusted partner for wealth management firms worldwide.

Nayan Madhamshettiwar: Fintech Person of the Year

Nayan Madhamshettiwar has been honored as the Fintech Person of the Year for his exceptional contributions to the financial technology sector. With over 15 years of IT experience and more than a decade in digital transformation for top wealth management firms, Nayan has spearheaded numerous innovative initiatives. He has successfully implemented digital factories using Artificial Intelligence, and developed advanced investment portfolio strategies, including AI Long Short - Term Memory models for better risk-adjusted returns. Nayan's efforts have led to the creation of automated investment services such as Intelligent Portfolio Rebalancing, Automatic Tax Loss Harvesting, and market sensing strategies for Family Offices. Additionally, his collaboration with Barron’s top Financial Advisors has refined investment strategies and asset allocation paradigms. Leading First Rate’s Pune Innovation Team, Nayan has driven the development of cutting-edge solutions that address complex data issues, enhancing decision-making in the investment industry. His visionary leadership and technological breakthroughs have significantly benefited the industry, earning him this prestigious accolade.

Nayan’s accolade is a testament to his dedication to advancing fintech and his ability to lead teams in creating impactful solutions. His expertise and commitment have not only elevated First Rate’s standing in the industry but have also contributed significantly to the broader fintech ecosystem.

Alex Serman, CIPM: Ops Business Person of the Year

Alex Serman’s journey from intern to Managing Director of Wealth & Institutional at First Rate exemplifies dedication, leadership, and innovation, earning him the Ops Business Person of the Year award at the FTF Awards 2024. Serman oversees some of the largest and most advanced of First Rate’s clients so he is on the forefront of understanding the changing needs of the industry and works closely with development teams to make sure that First Rate’s solutions are on the cutting-edge of the industry with notable achievements in AI, data aggregation, performance measurement, and client reporting. Additionally, as host of the Whiskey & WealthTech podcast, Alex provides a unique forum for wealth technology and whiskey to meet and exchange ideas with industry experts while enjoying his favorite spirit. Finally, Alex also works with thought leaders in the industry to provide clear insights into how the industry is changing and generate conversation on how firms can improve various aspects of their business and become client-centric to set themselves apart from their competitors. Alex’s contributions have not only enhanced client experiences but also driven the company’s growth, making him a deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Alex’s focus on operational innovation and client-centric solutions has driven substantial improvements in the company’s service delivery. His leadership has been pivotal in fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement within the organization.

A Legacy of Excellence

First Rate’s dual wins at the FTF Awards 2024 are a reflection of the company’s sustained commitment to innovation, excellence, and leadership in the WealthTech industry. These awards not only recognize the individual achievements of Nayan Madhamshettiwar and Alex Serman but also underscore First Rate’s role as a pioneer in delivering transformative technology solutions.

As First Rate continues to build on its legacy of over 30 years, these accolades serve as an inspiration for the company to further its mission of empowering wealth management professionals with innovative tools and insights. The future looks promising for First Rate as it continues to lead the way in the ever-evolving world of financial technology.



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