First Rate Inc. Wins Triple Honors at WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Awards 2024

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First Rate Inc. Wins Triple Honors at WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Awards 2024

First Rate Team • June 27, 2024

First Rate has been recognized for our outstanding contributions to the WealthTech and FinTech sectors by winning three prestigious awards at the 2024 WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Awards. We were honored in the categories of CSR Strategy and Implementation, Data Solution, and Reporting Solution, showcasing its commitment to excellence, innovation, and positive impact.

CSR Strategy and Implementation: Commitment to Values and Community Impact

First Rate’s dedication to our core principles—Love, Give, Serve, and Enjoy—has earned recognition for an exceptional CSR strategy and implementation. Our unique culture not only enriches the lives of our employees but also extends to our clients and communities.

Key initiatives include of our CSR strategy include:

  • Living Our Values Daily: First Rate's values guide every aspect of our business, promoting work-life balance and a sense of purpose amongst our team.
  • Empowering People and Communities: We prioritize the well-being of our employees and clients, providing world-class benefits and fostering long-term relationships.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: With a commitment to inclusivity, we not only support diverse backgrounds and beliefs, we ensure that we create a harmonious environment for all to thrive.
  • Measurable Impact: Our dedication is reflected in the longevity of our staff and client relationships, with an average employee tenure of 12 years and clients averaging 14+ years. Our 2023 contributions include $2.9 million donated, including 10% of gross annual revenue, to various charities and initiatives across 15+ nations.

Innovative Data Solution: ArtIE (Artificial Intelligence Engine)

First Rate’s groundbreaking data solution, ArtIE, addresses the complex challenges of structured and unstructured financial data transformation. The award recognizes ArtIE for its advanced capabilities in data processing and analysis, which include:

  • Cloud-Based Architecture: Enhanced scalability and cognitive computing abilities.
  • Probabilistic Algorithms and NLP: Ensures precise and efficient analysis of financial data.
  • Six-Step Analysis Process: Guarantees accuracy and reliability in data transformation.
  • Impact and Innovation: Revolutionizes data practices, unlocking actionable insights and driving operational efficiency.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Delivers personalized solutions and dedicated support to maximize client value.

Reporting Solution: CORE 2.0™

First Rate’s revolutionary reporting solution, CORE 2.0™, is celebrated for its innovation and client-centric design. The solution offers a powerful combination of AI-driven functionality, customization capabilities, and comprehensive tools, including:

  • AI-Driven Functionality: Transforms client data into natural language, providing clear and understandable investment insights.
  • Customizable Report Builder: Empowers advisors to tailor reports to client needs with ease.
  • Comprehensive Suite of Tools: Includes data aggregation, performance analytics, and customizable dashboards.
  • Advanced Features: Portfolio commentary, custom widgets, merge & restyle capabilities, and a marketplace for continuous enhancements.

First Rate Inc.'s triple win at the 2024 WealthBriefing Wealth For Good Awards is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and positive impact. By embodying our core values throughout every area of our business, leveraging advanced technology, and prioritizing client needs, First Rate continues to set new standards in the WealthTech and FinTech sectors. These awards not only highlight First Rate’s achievements but also underscore its dedication to sustainable and robust organizational practices.




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First Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our innovative services and solutions help financial firms create absolute transparency, enhance efficiency, and empower advisors to create more meaningful and intelligent investment strategies for their clients. It’s technology as it should be. First Rate’s flexible and intelligent solutions adapt to the evolving demands and complex challenges of the wealth management industry. With a proven track record including more than 30 years of experience, our relentless focus on meeting the diverse needs of our partners is unmatched in the industry. Through data aggregation, performance calculation, client reporting, and intelligent data analytics backed by a powerful AI engine, our innovative technologies enable wealth managers to grow their business by enhancing efficiency and providing strategic value to investors. 

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