Three Ways Chief Investment Officers Are in the Dark

Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) at Wealth Management firms have a hard job, whether it’s keeping an eye on the economy, overseeing investments, or managing a team of front office professionals.  [...]

Four Challenges in Managing Oversight of Your Rep as PM Program

With the shift towards asset fee-based compensation for investment management, many brokers and financial advisors are registering their own portfolio strategies in a representative as portfolio [...]

Picking a Trusted and Credible Provider From a Pool of Firms

Being a leading industry expert is something a lot of firms talk about in their marketing material. Words such as “industry leading”, “the authority in” or “the preferred solution” are terms [...]

Five Things You Missed At the 2015 First Rate Conference

1. Goal-Based Reporting. Darrin Courtney from the CEB Tower Group presentation solidified that this is the #1 trend in client reporting. CEB research found that being able to show client progress [...]

Mergers and Acquisitions Mania

Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of bad winter weather. Well, that hasn’t slowed down the merger and acquisition activity going on in our industry. Just this week, SS&C Technologies [...]

The Changing Face of Robo-Advisors

“You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve.” Mark Benioff, Founder & CEO, The success of many firms that are now household names [...]

Who is To Blame for Investment Manager Failures?

Because They Evaluate Performance Relative to a Bunch of Losers 2014 was an awful year for active investment managers, with more than 80% failing to outperform their benchmarks. See for example [...]