Three Ways Chief Investment Officers Are in the Dark

Chief Investment Officers (CIOs) at Wealth Management firms have a hard job, whether it’s keeping an eye on the economy, overseeing investments, or managing a team of front office professionals.  [...]

The right place at the right time…the power of vision, technology and collaboration

If you build it they will come. Sometimes the key to solving your clients’ problems is the resource most available to you – you just have to see it. That’s how First Rate’s ExecView was conceived [...]

What Does Wealth Stewardship Really Look Like?

The difference between a wealth manager and a wealth steward might sound to some people like nothing more than a semantic word choice. But here at First Rate, we take the idea of stewardship [...]

REMEMBER TO VOTE: The value of advice versus the value of activity

Maybe through all the Presidential election coverage you missed Merrill Lynch’s most recent announcement. As of next April 10, Merrill Lynch will no longer accept new, transaction compensated [...]

The DOL Proposal – What Does It Mean For You?

Patrick Flaherty( Director - CORE Product Owner & General Manager - Fee Manager )Patrick Flaherty, CIPM, is the Product Owner for CORE Performance and Integrations as well as the GM of Fee [...]

Portfolio Oversight, Golden Insights: Drilling Down on Oversight to Discover Big Data Trends

In a rapidly changing wealth management landscape, more portfolios, managers, and regulations increase the importance of optimizing performance, providing due diligence and retaining clients. [...]

First Rate Automates Portfolio Oversight and Compliance for Wealth Management Firms with ExecView

ExecView provides data mining and surveillance across large sets of accounts to identify various outliers and exceptions for those who have oversight responsibilities. ExecView facilitates the [...]