Top 3 Custom Upgrades to Distinguish Your Firm in 2021

Brian Puerschner( Account Manager, Business Development )Brian Puerschner, Account Manager with the Business Development team, joined First Rate in 2008. Puerschner initially served as the [...]

4 Best Practices for API Implementation

“The concept of an API pre-dates the advent of personal computing, let alone the web, by a very long time.” – Martin Bartlett, Programmer Back in February 2000, became the [...]

APIs…What, How, and Why Now?

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Bringing The Best of Robo to Your Wealth Management Business

“The days of bringing printed books of reports to clients meetings are over!” exclaimed James Dunigan, CIO (Retired) of PNC Asset Management.  If you haven’t been living under a [...]

Crystal Ball Gazing: FinTech Predictions for 2017

In words attributed to Mark Twain and Yogi Berra, “It is dangerous to make forecasts, especially about the future.”  However, in an industry as fast-changing as asset management, accurate [...]