Get to the CORE of your business, improve client
satisfaction, and accelerate financial goals by utilizing
tools that provide clarity into client data with holistic
views, detailed mapping, and powerful data analysis.


First Rate’s investment performance platform allows your firm to analyze data and assess risk with information that you can trust.


Our powerful surveillance and oversight automation tool is designed to meet the needs of regulatory compliance.


First Rate’s customizable and robust reporting tools are scalable to fit the unique needs of investment managers and their clients.


Our APIs allow for clients and partners to integrate First Rate’s state-of-the-art solutions into other products and platforms.


Our automated platform consolidates client information to provide insights with a comprehensive view of the full investment story.


First Rate’s fee management system is designed to manage financial advisors’ billing complexities quickly, effectively, and securely.


First Rate’s CRM is a comprehensive and robust client reporting platform that enables wealth managers to master their workflow.


Extensive and Complex

First Rate’s powerful investment performance platform provides extensive real-time analysis of investment data via drill-down capabilities on financial data.

Clients can:

  • Assess risk and determine the source of industry segment market value changes by drilling into individual holdings
  • Analyze contribution
  • Distribute activity by seeing underlying transactions
  • Compare a portfolio’s performance based on goals and benchmarks

Quick Access Views

For busy investment officers and advisors, First Rate provides quick access points and the ability to pull reports tailored specifically for their clients, as well as quick views into current financial status, asset allocation, and performance data, which are all displayed in an intuitive format.

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Banks / Trusts

  • Dashboard view of outcomes across strategies and lines of business
  • Business rule-driven risk and return exception view and reporting
  • Capabilities to uncover outliers in risk & return, allocation, fee, and turnover
  • Easy comparison of manager or branch performance and risk
  • Documentation of portfolio issues and their remediation steps
  • Identification of risk and return outliers

Brokerage / Fee Based

  • Dashboard of advisor KPIs
  • Automated exceptions reporting, resolution workflow, and audit trail tracking
  • Systematic oversight of reps
  • Insight into automated overnight system processes/procedures for regulators
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First Rate’s flexible structure puts a setup wizard and more than 125 report objects at your company’s fingertips. This reporting tool gives you a cost-effective solution for delivering boardroom-quality, firm-branded, relevant investor reports in a snap.


Our automated overnight batch reporting solution offers a hands-off large volume report generation experience. This tool is driven by client-created rules to choose valid accounts and determine the processing schedule reports available without manual intervention, automatically delivering to client, client portal, or upstream toolset.

Based on Goals

First Rate’s customizable reporting tool allows a firm to augment their conversation from relative performance to terms the client understands. This tool is practical and easy for clients to understand, which allows them to see where they have been, their current status, and the changes they need to make in order to meet their unique financial objectives.

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Seamless Integration of First Rate Solutions

First Rate APIs offer access to key performance return and financial data in both real-time and on-demand formats. They act as reliable interfaces that seamlessly connect software and platforms. Clients who have custom portals or integrated systems can utilize First Rate APIs to enhance their solutions. Visit to see the list of APIs available along with data points and functions.

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Performance Calculation

First Rate’s performance calculation tool provides an efficient method to audit and validate high volumes of data in addition to creating daily transaction-based rates of return for an unlimited number of portfolios and composites. It provides real-time connectivity to ensure returns are calculated using methods and timeframes to support client requirements.


First Rate’s automated system performs load processes, calculates performance returns, and executes sophisticated, systematic audits as frequently as your accounting data is received.


To ensure the incoming data is accurate, our reconciliation methods scrub the data for any inconsistencies or abnormal gains or losses over a particular time period.

Scalable and Compliant

Our scalable and compliant architecture supports both domestic and multi-currency reporting with proprietary technology that can meet the processing requirements for any size firm. In addition, First Rate’s system calculates daily, point-to-point, periodic time-weighted and money-weighted rates of return that satisfy GIPS rules.

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Make the Complex Simple

First Rate’s fee billing solution for broker-dealers, advisors, and RIAs assists in simplifying fee billing, including:

  • firm and advisor default brackets
  • fee carves for 3rd party managers and platform charges
  • asset class or holding level fee schedules and exclusions
  • new accounts
  • audits
  • review processes
  • invoice generation

Back Office Efficiency

Our fee management tool features:

  • a hosted solution with a secure database
  • direct custodial data handling
  • intuitive technology and solution capabilities
  • individual account and household account billing
  • custom fee adjustments
  • default fee calculation templates for new accounts

Front Office Analytics

This tool also provides front office profitability analysis and tracking, which features:

  • production contribution
  • advisor/account fee variance
  • held away asset value analysis
  • historical comparisons
  • individual account profitability analysis
  • revenue goal tracking by the advisor
  • the ability to graphically spot billing anomalies
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Comprehensive and Robust CRM

First Rate’s all-in-one CRM is a definitive family of products combining CRM, investment performance measurement, client reporting, fee management, account data aggregation, and portfolio monitoring on a single platform.

Client Reporting Platform

This platform solves for the complexities, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and gaps in wealth CRM and reporting platforms today. It connects, integrates, and stores client information in a unified and secure platform, allowing wealth advisors to manage workflows, support client relationships, and monitor investment performance in a smarter, simpler way.

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