At First Rate we pride ourselves on being a change agent leading
in innovation, research and development, and purpose-built solution
sets that can revolutionize all facets of the wealth management
industry. With more than 30 years of experience, we know what the
industry needs and how to provide it in a variety of solutions to meet
your firm's unique needs. Our goal is to be a steward of your clients'
investments and to honor you, as our partner, by leading the charge
in technology that can change the way you do business.

Simplify Data Aggregation to Transform Your Business

Data Aggregation as a Service (DAAS) is designed to help wealth management firms transform the most complex data issues by consolidating data from any source or complex data feed, including alternative assets and held-away accounts, and delivering it into critical reporting, trust accounting, or portfolio management systems.


Is Your Firm Experiencing These Issues?


Inaccuracy utilizing disparate and outdated technology systems.

Lack of Transparency

Lack of transparency to identify, correct, and normalize inaccurate date

Manual Processes

Manual data processes that keep you from meeting your SLAs

Ensuring Your Data is as Trustworthy as You Are with IPAAS

Investment Performance as a Service (IPAAS) is designed to audit your data and implement best practices so you can tell your clients’ investment stories with confidence and spend more time growing your business.


Captivate Your Clients with a Compelling Investment Story

Reporting as a Service (RAAS) can bring your clients’ investment stories to life by translating complex performance data into a clear and comprehensible vision using a fun, innovative, customizable, and user-friendly reporting tool.


Powerful Insights Empower Great Decisions

Without intel, the pathway to uncertainty is fast-tracked. Your data is the key to unlocking the truth behind your clients’ investment story. Insights as a Service (IAAS) helps your firm to understand your data in order to build trust and make the best decisions for your clients.


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