First Rate Announces Major Investment to its Innovative Reporting Solution, OnPoint

OnPoint, First Rate’s innovative reporting solution, has undergone a complete renovation, including an overhaul of sub-report images, designs, and themes.   

Arlington, TX – October 22, 2019 – First Rate, a leading provider of wealth management solutions to the financial services marketplace, today announced the relaunch of OnPoint, First Rate’s innovative reporting solution that enables your firm to design unique client performance and analytical reports to tell your investor’s unique investment story.

“The calculation of investment performance is all about the data; the presentation of investment performance is all about storytelling. Now more than ever, investment firms need to capture the attention of their investors with a compelling story that is clean, lean, and elegant,” said First Rate Product Manager of Reporting and Analytics Debra Detweiler. “The new styling of the OnPoint reports reflects the shift from a focus on data to a focus on storytelling. The new design options support the creation of a compelling investment story, using a combination of complementary modernized graphics and data.”

First Rate OnPoint

Originally launched in 2015, OnPoint was a finalist for the client reporting technology category in the awards for its flexible design, making it quick, easy, and cost effective to create branded, boardroom-quality statements that clearly communicate the value you add to your clients’ wealth management experience. With OnPoint, your firm can:

  • Design reports, create your brand, and combine schedules and charts into relevant, to-the-point statements.
  • Adjust reporting to adapt to market or investment changes and modify schedules to easily incorporate new information.
  • Assemble statements that address the unique needs of your clients.

Together with award winning design experts 1185 Design, First Rate endeavored to build on the success of the initial launch of the OnPoint solution while creating a new unique, modern reporting style to tell your clients’ investment stories. These new design images bring attractive, sexy reporting to the front office building with the flexible design wizard.


“It’s been amazing to see the dramatic improvements and progress that First Rate has accomplished in the last year with their reporting overhaul,” said F2 Strategy Founder and CEO Doug Fritz. “They are rapidly bringing highly customized and attractive reporting solutions to some of the larger, innovation-starved wealth and asset management firms in the industry.”

With the relaunch of OnPoint, clients will have access to all the above highlights plus additional enhancements that include:

  • New design options for existing images – branding, color, and font to better align your investment story.
  • A complete overhaul of our sub-report images to offer more flexibility in the types of graphs and data you want your investors to see.
  • Enhanced and flexible theme options with three new previews of what’s available in the application.

“Today, investors seek clarity in reporting, given the ever-growing opportunities and complexities of the average portfolio,” said 1185 Design Principal Peggy Burke. “First Rate’s investment in customized, easily-understood, and appropriately-sequenced information gives wealth and asset management firms the advantage to provide a clear and compelling financial story for every client.”

Contact First Rate for more information about the relaunch of OnPoint reporting and how it can help your firm.

About First Rate

First Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our reporting solutions help financial firms create absolute transparency while empowering investors to simplify and better understand their financial world.

Through First Rate’s holistic view of engagement, we deliver adaptable and tailored solutions that sustain long-term relationships. With a proven track record including more than 25 years of experience, our relentless focus on meeting the diverse needs of our partners is unmatched in the industry.

We design the best technologies and foster superior client relationships, enabling our partners to prosper by providing similar successful – and enduring – relationships to investors. First Rate gives financial firms peace of mind by delivering consistent, accurate results that are designed to address the specific needs of their business – and their investors.


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