First Rate Unveils ARKON at 2014 Performance Conference – A New Breed of Wealth Management Technology

Arlington, TX – March 24, 2014 – First Rate, a leading provider of performance measurement and client reporting solutions for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of ARKON at its 2014 Performance Conference. This latest addition is a solution that combines CRM, investment performance measurement, client reporting, fee management and portfolio oversight on a single platform designed specifically for financial service providers.

Joining forces with Grendel Online, a cloud-based customer relationship management system, ARKON, is a comprehensive and robust wealth management platform enabling wealth managers to master their workflow and optimize client relationships. ARKON solves all complexities, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and gaps in wealth management platforms today.

“ARKON is an industry differentiator designed to address pains that often hinder financial institutions and advisors from focusing on their core business,” said Marshall Smith, general manager of Service Bureau at First Rate. “ARKON’s dynamic structure is easy and flexible, allowing the CRM-centric wealth management platform to shoulder much of the responsibility, allowing you to avoid the potential confusion and risk of relying on manual processes.”

ARKON handles the growing complexity of customers and their wealth and enables firms to set new rules and standards of efficiency. It delivers industry-recognized functionality, service and technology that strengthen your firm’s value proposition.

“ARKON is the solution industry experts say is the future,” said Aaron Guidotti, president of Grendel Online. “We are offering it today.”

Contact First Rate today to see how ARKON can streamline your wealth management efforts, deepen your advisor relationships with individual investors and enhance your profitability for financial institutions. For more information about Grendel Online, please visit


ABOUT GRENDEL ONLINE Grendel Online is the leading CRM centric solution for the financial services industry. Their cloud-based comprehensive solution handles nearly every data management need for the financial professional and includes CRM with advanced workflow management, paperless office, client portal, email archive, account aggregation, portfolio rebalancing, and more.

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