First Rate’s new Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) analytics and performance reporting innovations will power Purpose Capital Advisors’ Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research.

Arlington, TX – June 3, 2021 – First Rate, a leading provider of financial technology and services to the wealth management industry, today announced a partnership with Purpose Capital Advisors, a leader in sustainable and impact investing. Purpose Capital Advisors will utilize First Rate’s ESG analytics and performance reporting innovations to meaningfully enhance the value and reach of the Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research.

The Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research methodology considers the universe of sustainable mutual funds and ETFs available to U.S. investors through the eyes of a main street investor looking for cost-effective strategies with track records that support the notion of long-term buy and hold positions. For financial advisors, Blue Chip Sustainable Funds can be considered as building blocks in the construction of globally diversified sustainable and impact investing portfolios.

Purpose Capital Advisors maintains an inclusive universe of sustainable funds comprised of domestic funds applying ESG inclusionary and exclusionary screens, as well as impact investing, and faith- and values-based approaches. The funds are segmented into 20 investment categories (e.g., large-cap US stocks, emerging market bonds, etc.) and Blue Chip Sustainable Funds are identified based on performance and costs relative to asset class peers and common benchmarks.

“Blue Chip Sustainable Funds invest in a cost-effective manner and have desirable historical performance relative to peers and benchmarks,” said Jonathan Firestein, Founder of Purpose Capital Advisors. “We are proud to contribute to the democratization of sustainable investing by sharing the Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research. The research is designed to save wealth managers and individual investors time by identifying potential fits for portfolios. We recommend it as a starting point for your own research because it is not investment advice, particularly as sustainable  investing is most rewarding when it is highly customized to the values of the wealth owner.”

ESG and impact investing with sustainable funds have entered the mainstream as flows into sustainable funds have increased tenfold in the past two years. Inflows quadrupled from $5.4 billion in 2018 to $21.4 billion in 2019. In 2020 inflows measured $51.1 billion, constituting nearly a quarter of overall net flows into stock and bond mutual funds in the U.S. (data from Morningstar

“We are honored and excited to work with Purpose Capital Advisors to develop this important research on sustainable funds,” said Bo McWilliams, Chief Technology Officer of First Rate. “We believe sustainable investing is the future for wealth management clients and professionals, and we have invested significantly in our new Innovations platform to deliver ESG analytics and reporting technology to make sustainable investing more efficient and cost-effective.”

Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research has been further enhanced via partnerships with leading ESG data analytics providers OWL Analytics and FinMason. Combining strategic inputs for public benefit, Blue Chip Sustainable Funds has partnered with technology to make sustainable investing more accessible to all investors. For more information about the Blue Chip Sustainable Funds, please download the latest Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research report.


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About Purpose Capital Advisors

Purpose Capital Advisors partners with passionate people and organizations to develop and implement sustainable and impact investing programs. Together, we pursue triple-bottom-line investing: financial return, positive social and environmental impact, and self-actualization through contribution to legacy. We connect investments with values and have been growing the Blue Chip Sustainable Funds research since 2013.


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