Arlington, TX – May 9, 2017 – First Rate, a leading provider of wealth management solutions, and Wilshire Analytics, the technology foundation of Wilshire Associates (Wilshire®),  today announced that in addition to providing traditional market-based indices and client goals comparisons to the wealth management industry they will now provide Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison (Wilshire TUCS®) peer group comparison reporting.

“We are delighted to be working with a leader in the performance and client reporting space for wealth managers. First Rate clients will now have turnkey access to the same Wilshire TUCS peer group reports that are traditionally leveraged by institutional asset managers,” said Michael R. Kennedy, managing director of Wilshire Associates. “The complementary combination of real, investable peer group comparisons within a client reporting solution represents a tremendous opportunity for wealth managers to tap into institutional-quality peer group performance analysis.”

First Rate clients are able to leverage turnkey peer group based asset allocation, return reports, and risk comparison reports through calculated performance data which has been integrated into Wilshire TUCS environment.  The end result allows wealth managers and their clients to powerfully demonstrate the value of their investment strategy relative to invested peers and market indices.

“In a recent survey of Wealth Management executives, 2 out of 3 indicated they intend to increase spending on reporting, and 75% consider it a high-value technology,” said Darrin Courtney, research director of CEB Tower Group.  “The number one driver of that value is the ability to improve service and experience.  As firms prioritize the ability to tie performance to individual goals and aggregation capabilities in reporting, additional capabilities such as combining peer group data will only continue to enhance the holistic and transparent view that both clients and advisors require.”

“First Rate is proud to work with Wilshire on a combined offering that helps provide better investment transparency and greater depth to client communications,” said Marshall Smith, general manager of Service Bureau at First Rate. “We are excited to launch this collaborative effort and demonstrate the added value peer group data can bring to the advisor/client relationship.”

Contact First Rate today to see how First Rate’s agreement with Wilshire can help benefit your investment performance and client reporting process. For more information about Wilshire, please visit

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