First Rate Acquires Vantage Software to Launch Into the Alternative Investment Space

As part of First Rate’s commitment to building a global and innovative presence in the FinTech marketplace, First Rate acquires an alternative investment management solution with a global client base that manages and advises more than $1 trillion in private equity, venture capital, real-estate and public investments. 

Arlington, TX – May 13, 2021 – First Rate, a leading provider of financial technology and services to the wealth management industry, today announced an acquisition of Vantage Software, a financial services company that offers innovative software solutions for global investment firms helping them effectively monitor their investments, streamline accounting and reporting, collaborate on deal flow and strengthen investor relationships.

“Acquiring Vantage Software aligns with our growth and innovation strategy to expand our market and global impact with new solution offerings,” said First Rate’s Chief Operating Officer Marshall Smith. “Our long-term goal is to build synergy between First Rate and Vantage Software by leveraging both firms’ capabilities, skills, infrastructure, and customer base.”

Vantage Software is a fully comprehensive and integrated solution that can also be leveraged by module. Strategic modules include:

  • Insight enables the investor and investment managers to effectively monitor their investments and performance efficiently and securely at their convenience.
  • Investor manages up-to investor information, performs partnership accounting, and generates reports and distribution.
  • Portfolio allows general partners to manage portfolio investments and perform investment analysis and reporting.
  • Deal Suite streamlines the stages of a deal, enhances due diligence, reduces costs, and expedites the deal flow process.
  • Fund Accounting enables the fund-of-fund managers and advisory firms to manage client-mandates as well as their investments and reporting.

“We are pleased to join with First Rate to lead its expansion into the alternative investments space with our innovative and robust software solutions. First Rate’s expertise in data aggregation and analytics will complement and enhance the solution offerings for our customers,” said Vantage Software’s Head of Operations Karthik Thanikachalam.

For more information on First Rate’s acquisition of Vantage Software, please contact us at [email protected].

About First Rate

First Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our innovative services and solutions help financial firms create absolute transparency, enhance efficiency, and empower advisors to create more meaningful and intelligent investment strategies for their clients. It’s technology as it should be.

First Rate’s flexible and intelligent solutions adapt to the evolving demands and complex challenges of the wealth management industry. With a proven track record including more than 30 years of experience, our relentless focus on meeting the diverse needs of our partners is unmatched in the industry. Through data aggregation, performance calculation, compelling client reporting, and intelligent data analytics backed by a powerful AI engine, our innovative technologies enable wealth managers to grow their business by enhancing efficiency and providing strategic value to investors.

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About Vantage Software

Vantage Software offers intuitive and robust accounting, analysis, and reporting solutions for global investment firms, helping them effectively monitor investments, streamline accounting and reporting, collaborate on deal flow, and strengthen investor relationships. Vantage has a global client base that is now managing and advising over $1 trillion in private equity, venture capital, real-estate, and public investments.

Contact us: [email protected]

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