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First Rate solutions provide a dynamic and intelligent
reporting platform, slash costs by simplifying legacy
systems, and proactively manage risks and regulation
through automated data mining. Learn more about
how First Rate’s investment performance and client
reporting solutions cater to the needs of the wealth
management industry.

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First Rate is addressing COVID-19 challenges from an operational and global perspective. Visit our informational response page to view fun tips on how to improve your well-being and encouragement to stay positive and healthy.




First Rate services and solutions offer flexible and customized reporting methods that are scalable to meet the needs of institutional banks and trusts. Our uniformed report package provides greater clarity and allows your firm to tell the full investment story in a consistent way.


The First Rate platform improves client retention by helping your firm provide a more intelligent, sophisticated, and personalized experience. Embracing innovative tools allows your firm to have a clearer insight into client investments, empowering them to reach their goals at an accelerated pace.


First Rate’s all-in-one performance solutions allow advisors to better track and analyze client data and communication. This intelligent technology creates an automated, consistent, and efficient method for client reporting, which allows your firm to enhance client satisfaction, transparency, and resource management.

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From employing intelligent data mining solutions in preparation for MiFID II to creating strategic partnerships built to enhance and solve client reporting hurdles, First Rate has created a pathway to bring best-of-class services and solutions into the EU.


First Rate's Hong Kong office will bring the Asia-Pacific region a holistic web-based console designed to meet the complex, evolving investment measurement and client reporting needs of today's financial service marketplace.


First Rate’s alliances are a critical component of our growth and success. To fulfill our brand promise of being at the forefront of positive change, First Rate looks to form strategic alliances with industry-leading companies to deliver the best solutions for the industries we serve.



  • "First Rate strives to be a partner with our firm and are the people we can count on to give us a strategic advantage."
    Trust Office, Trust Bank
  • "First Rate proved to have a differentiated level of experience, system reliability, and capabilities. In addition to a powerful calculation engine, the technology eliminates numerous manual processes and provides a more streamlined workflow."
    Director of Operations, Trust Bank
  • "It was beneficial to move to a variety of reports and have the ability to audit, manage and produce reports for not only the clients but for management. It is a tremendous improvement from what we had."
    Investment Coordinator, Trust Bank
  • "First Rate's CRM will provide us with a scalable solution and business by eliminating time consuming, redundant work."
    Managing Director, Registered Investment Advisor
  • "First Rate has consolidated the capabilities of several systems into one unified platform allowing our team to focus on what’s important, our clients."
    Managing Director, Registered Investment Advisor
  • "First Rate's CRM provided some of the unique aspects that we need to run our business with the ability to track time and profitability, a customizable fee management system and the ability to track and report on alternative assets."
    Chief Compliance Officer, Register Investment Advisor
  • "In researching different solutions for our portfolio management and CRM needs, we found the First Rate system provided the best combination of integrated systems. The all in one aspect was very important to us and the CRM capabilities were on par with the customized system we currently use."
    Chief Compliance Officer, Register Investment Advisor
  • "Once we delved deeper into combining client reporting, customer relationship (CRM) capabilities and practice management, it seemed like a natural fit to choose First Rate’s CRM platform."
    President, Independent Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor
  • "We are in a relationship business, thus we want a partnership with all of our services providers. We chose a partner we could grow with, one who has the ability to adapt to ever changing client needs."
    Managing Director, Registered Investment Advisor
  • "As the industry accepts that more clients judge the success of their portfolios based on their life goals as opposed to just benchmarks, firms will need to adjust the way they demonstrate values."
    Research Director, CEB TowerGroup

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