Solution Enhancements Designed to Save Time and Enhance Efficiency

When it comes to our user community, we realize that time is your number one challenge. Whether managing investments and portfolios or processing data, your firm continually looks for ways to tweak workflows, streamline operations, and become more efficient. Our latest release is driven by our commitment to provide intuitive technology and tools that help our clients create better processes, scale their business, create better strategies, and provide value where it matters. We’re excited to share just a few of the features and enhancements that are included in our latest release!

  1. Self-Service Static PDF Uploader: 

Forget sneaking through the back door! This new self-service feature lets you upload static PDFs to a report package directly from your desktop instead of a backend directory. Documents might include account-specific data, outside holdings, reports from other systems, market commentaries, disclosures, and so forth. Apply the PDF globally to all portfolios or restrict it to specific portfolios in the group—with or without theme branding—it’s your choice. This self-serve feature saves meaningful time by eliminating the need to submit a service desk ticket.

  1. Sector Inception Selected Period Performance: 

Flexibility is key when it comes to auditing sector inception performance. Since most portfolios do not hold all sectors back to the portfolio’s inception date, this new onscreen report lets you review inception-to-date returns for an account’s selected sectors right from CORE Advisor’s landing page. This valuable convenience places data at your fingertips without having to generate an OnPoint report, with optional output to Excel or PDF.

  1. Selected Total Fund Footer: 

Not all ancillary data is created equal. In the case of our new Total Fund report footer, this oh-by-the-way adds key meaning to all CORE Advisor and ExecView reports. All on-screen reports and output types now display a footer message that identifies the selected Total Fund sector used to compute the presented data. That means you no longer have to look up your firm’s global setting when evaluating performance. A tiny time-saver for a tiny irritation. You’re welcome.

Click here to see which CORE reports the enhancement has been applied to.

Additional enhancements include:

For more information regarding First Rate’s 6.4.12 release and how to leverage all of our latest enhancements, you can read the full release highlights here or contact [email protected].

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