How First Rate Expressed Love, Give, Serve, and Enjoy in 2020

As we see the year 2020 end and look forward to ringing in the new year, we turned to the First Rate Core Values; Love, Give, Serve and Enjoy. We were wondering how those at First Rate, US and abroad, saw these expressed in such a difficult year as 2020 and how they would like to express them in 2021.

So, we asked! We were filled with joy, love, and gratitude as I read their emails. So many stories were shared of being an extension of these Core Values with their family, their communities, and reaching out around the world.

Here are just a few to share with you. Happy Holidays and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

“In 2020, we purchased items from local and minority-owned entrepreneurs. In 2021, I want us to make smarter purchases and help the micro-economy around us.”

Kathryn Stone, First Rate Living Manager


“In 2020, I had the wonderful opportunity to help small businesses and nonprofits in my city by preparing applications for financial assistance through the Preserve the Fort grant program.”

Leah Sanders, Assistant Controller


“This year, I purchased handcrafted items from KAZI, which empowers artisans to weave a better story for themselves.”

Patti Demis, Administrative Assistant, BPO


“We have been taking groceries and meals to my wife’s aunt and her cousin since the pandemic started. We are their only lifeline to the outside world.”

Steve Schneider, System Admin L3 Plus Automation Specialist


“This year, we decided to take our family travel budget and donated it to charities in our area, including food shelters and specialty shelters for women and kids escaping abusive relationships. We also had our kids help to determine where to direct the dollars.”

Patrick Flaherty, General Manager – Products, Performance, and Integrations


“My daughter-in-law is a first responder, so I try to send her a text message several times a week, encouraging her and telling her how proud I am of her, but most importantly, praying for her as she faces the COVID dangers!”  

Alycee Evans, Corporate Operations Specialist


“I have seen the First Rate Living side of our organization impact the world by donating to organizations, building homes, and supporting orphans.”

Sudheer Jalluri – First Rate India


“My team at First Rate expressed our CORE values in 2020 by sending cards to the military men and women in December. In 2021 our goal is to keep sending cards for our military but to do it every quarter.”

Liz Karonika, Accountant


“I think it’s important to do small things to celebrate our teachers, especially this year with all that they have sacrificed, so I volunteered this year in my son’s school PTA.”

Noel Vandever, Controller Director, Corporate Operations


“I felt compelled to volunteer and donate my time this year to those that had a harder time during the pandemic. I was able to pay for a week of summer camp for a child in need, donated to a new women’s shelter, walked 40 miles for MS in September in our neighborhood park, and supported teachers through DonorsChoose.”

Jennie Oyola, Service Manager


“My wife and I agreed to give our stimulus checks to a local non-profit organization so that we could better help the community during these times.”

Blake Miller, Corporate Chaplain


“In 2021, we hope to help people by teaching people about loving each other, helping people in need, serving our society for good things, and trying to enjoy our short lives.”

Sarwar Amini, First Rate Afghanistan


“We were able to provide help to over 166 families from March to September including their winter fuel. In 2021, we hope to give more of our time and talent to the community.”

Injee Jung, First Rate Afghanistan


“This year I was able to help Mission Arlington deliver food on Thanksgiving Day. The goal was to complete Thanksgiving meal deliveries between 8am – 12pm. The community support was incredible! ALL meals were delivered by 10:00am due to the high number of volunteers on this holiday!”

Danielle Snailer, HR Generalist & Trainer


“One story that comes to mind is the daily per diem lunch plan implemented by First Rate during the lockdown to encourage people to spend money at local restaurants in their immediate area. It helped the local businesses in addition to all the people counting on those businesses.” 

Craig Weitz, President


“In 2021, we will be ready to finally ‘Enjoy’ as we burst with pride (and probably into tears) when our oldest defies the odds stacked against him and graduates from high school. Hopefully, he will be able to go on his European senior trip that was postponed because of the pandemic.”

Harper Wilson, System Analyst


“It’s been strong on Debbie’s heart to fight for women and children who are victims of human trafficking.  Coming into Singapore, God had been highlighting it even more. Over the past few months, God has grown a partnership with TAMAR VILLAGE, a mercy ministry with YWAM Singapore to bring hope, help, and healing to workers in the Red Light District and families into restoration. It’s been a blessing to be able to partner in several aspects.
I have been serving and advising two businesses birthed out of this ministry to provide alternative work, training, and dignity for these workers: ARK COFFEE and NOST.
Debbie is serving some of the Tamar Village mothers in a new parenting support group that meets every other week.  It’s been a humbling experience.”

John Choi, Global Account Executive, Singapore

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