3 Reasons Your Firm Should Upgrade to the Latest Release

First Rate is always striving to deliver the best possible products and services to our clients. We consider ourselves to be a very “client-centric” organization in that we’re constantly making decisions with our clients and even our client’s clients in mind! One area in which we demonstrate our continued commitment to our clients is our software upgrade process.

First Rate releases enhancements and bug fixes on a regular basis. Historically these updates have not been automatically pushed to our client base. Instead, our clients select when they’d like to upgrade and to which release of our software. First Rate will generally sunset a release and stop supporting it 24 months after it has been released. Therefore, it has always been in our clients’ best interest to stay up to date on a recent release of First Rate. Here are three of the biggest reasons to take advantage of First Rate’s latest upgrades.

  1. ModernizationWe are continuously making improvements to our reporting software! Over the last several releases we have introduced more of our revised look and feel. The modern and enhanced look is designed to deliver data in a way that is digestible, professional, and gives your firm an edge when you’re communicating with investors. The attached image is just a sample of our overhaul.
  2. It’s Free: The upgrades are included in your license agreement of our software and are completely free, with the exception of clients that have advanced customization. While we might ask for an IT or networking contact, there is often very little involvement required by the client themselves during an upgrade. You can leave it in the hands of the experts to upgrade and improve your solution experience.
  3. Support: Lastly, but most importantly, when clients fall too far behind with their release version, they run the risk of being out of their support window. When the occasional bug is found in the First Rate code set, the bug is always fixed in our current release and can be retro-fitted to older, supported releases. The bugs are not fixed for releases that fall more than 24 months old.

If you would like more information about upgrading or about what is included on the latest release, please reach out to your Relationship Manager. We want our clients to take advantage of our recent improvements and innovative enhancements!

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