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Enjoying Divine Gifts

For those of you that weren’t in attendance for the First Rate Living Weekend retreat to Pine Cove back in April; well, you missed out. One of the resounding highlights of the weekend was our keynote entertainer Ken Medema. He is such a special individual who has struggled to hone and sharpen his gift of music despite being blind. Ken showed what ability really means by so easily tapping into his divine gift. Everyone was continually amazed at how effortlessly Ken could hear someone in the audience share a story of their own, and then he would immediately create a beautiful song based on that story. Everyone in attendance ran through the gamut of emotions during his performance. Tears were shed, laughter could be heard all around, and there was a constant sense of awe at what this man was instantly creating for all to enjoy.

This was all thanks to an extremely clear sense of a divine gift being utilized to it’s fullest potential. Whether it is seeing a friend selflessly serve everyone they encounter, watching a child excel at a sport, or seeing the perfect sunset at a beach or national park. So often, these powerful moments engulf our emotions and our spirit because we are seeing some form of a divine gift being lived out loud. You know it when you see it, when you hear it, and when you feel it. It is hard to miss the experience when you are present for it.

But divine gifts aren’t limited to a select few. Each and every one of us has been granted a divine gift of one form or another. At First Rate, we talk about “Pursuing your Primary Aim.” I think another way to phrase that would be “Discover and Share your Divine Gift.” All the enjoyment that came from Ken’s divine gift can be replicated many times over by every individual discovering and sharing their divine gifts. So go out there and create that same sense of awe that Ken did. You’re more than able.


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