Three Ways an HR Generalist Empowers Others by Living Out First Rate Values

Ten years ago, I was hired at First Rate as a part-time assistant to the HR manager (Shauna Cooper). In the years that passed, I took every opportunity to learn and grow, both in my professional and in my personal life. Today, I proudly hold the Professional in Human Resources certification and serve as the HR Generalist & Trainer to our 100+ employees. When people hear me speak about First Rate, they often ask me: What makes you so happy there? What about First Rate makes it such a great place to work?
Although the best way to understand it is to be here and experience it first hand, my answer is fairly simple: My values are aligned with the company values: Love, Give, Serve, Enjoy. Here are three areas that I am passionate about living out these values:

  1. This year I serve on our company’s Leadership Development Committee, which is comprised of 5 employees from various positions and one outside consultant. Its mission is to develop each and every First Rate employee’s leadership ability. We deliberately did NOT name this the Management Development Committee, because we believe in the ability of everyone to be a leader, even if some of those leaders will go on to perform management duties. First Rate’s values of Serve and Give are at play here, through our pillar of Investing in Others, which makes us all better employees and a better company.
  2. After earning my PHR certification (professional in Human Resources), I was asked to join the board of the Fort Worth chapter of SHRM (the Society of Human Resource Management). My position is Certification Director, and I believe it is important to do everything I can to help others excel in their chosen professions. My duties include teaching parts of the certification prep class, convening the scholarship committee to choose the most deserving recipient, and securing instructors and mentors. Give, right?… Love? Serve? Yup. Well, I also Enjoy it very much…
  3. I am particularly proud of my service on the board of the Arlington Life Shelter. First Rate has been a long-time, major supporter of the Arlington Life Shelter, and has been instrumental in the Shelter’s plans for expansion of the facility, which is set to break ground later this year. Our first board meeting of the year was on a Saturday morning, at 6:45 am (!), serving breakfast to the Shelter residents and their families. ‘There but for the Grace of God go I,’ I say to myself, and remind myself that it is not my place to judge others’ decisions or place in life. I am here to serve in any way I can. And I can do this with the help and support of my company.

If you want to join this amazing company, I know just who you need to send your resume to… [email protected]

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