First Rate: The New Hall of Famer

“It was a hot Saturday morning in July 1990, and I was driving on I-30 back to North Arlington from a neighboring city. I exited the interstate highway onto the elevated Collins Street exit. I could see a panoramic view highlighting all of Arlington north of I-30. As I approached the end of the exit, I had a truly extraordinary experience.

“This part of Arlington is where you will build a company that will be the best expression of Who I am.”

It was a voice. But it was more than a voice. I could see Who was speaking. It was God.

Believe me, a visual, audible encounter with God is not the stuff of a typical day. But this was no ordinary day. God Himself was directing me to start a business that would become First Rate.”

– David A Stone

For more than 25 years, this vision for First Rate has lived through the passions of our employees, partners, and community believers. The profound impact on our community has awarded us the honor of being inducted in the Arlington Chamber Business Hall of Fame.

Although First Rate’s initiatives to expand globally continue to evolve, the community support of Arlington, Texas has been a faithful and solid foundation to build upon. The heart of First Rate is pulled to stand as a pillar in the community. We strive to contribute to the growth, evolution, and health of individuals, families, and neighboring businesses, not only through donations or charitable contributions but also through the active presence of our coworkers, customers, and communities. Our business is “in community for community” through our relationships with organizations such as Turner 12, YMCA, Alliance for Youth, the Arlington Levitt Pavilion, and many more.

We are honored to join other community pillars who have been innovators and instrumental to the growth of the community in the Arlington Chamber Business Hall of Fame. As we join this elite group who have inspired us throughout the years, we continue to strive to use business as a mission to love, give, serve, and enjoy.

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