The 10 Year Transformation: Building Business Development by Embracing Business as a Mission

My journey with First Rate started over 10 years ago, and I had no idea of the impact this organization would have on my life. My personal, professional, and spiritual journeys continue to unfold as I have incorporated the First Rate core values of “Love, Give, Serve, and Enjoy” into my everyday life. In that time, I have experienced multiple transformations and have witnessed the power of the ‘Business as Mission’ movement.

I began my career at First Rate as the Channel Marketing Representative, where I immersed myself in the art of investment performance measurement and the various technologies available to deploy these services. I became increasingly passionate about serving our clients in a more impactful way, and I transitioned to the business development team 2 years later to work on tailored solutions to meet their unique investment performance measurement and client reporting needs. It has been a great honor to be involved in the growth and vitality of our firm. My motivation to expand our business comes from knowing that the more we grow, the more resources we can contribute to the charitable organizations we support, which provides great purpose towards the success of our business.

It is important to have a healthy work/life balance as a husband and father of three children, and First Rate offers a very supportive culture that emphasizes this concept. This has allowed me to be present at the times when it has mattered most to my wife and children. With the support of First Rate, I had the opportunity last year to bring my 11-year-old son to Costa Rica to build our first homes with the YWAM Homes of Hope. For two days, we worked alongside First Rate employees, clients, friends, and family members to build two houses for deserving families. This was an incredibly rewarding experience for us, and I will always remember watching my son spend time with the neighborhood kids. Despite some initial communication challenges, they enjoyed playing games together and established some quick friendships. He gained an understanding that the children he played with shared the same fun-loving spirit despite their harsh living conditions. This was a humbling experience for us both and gave us a lot of motivation to build a strong home that would protect each family and provide for a better future for them. The experience gave us a better appreciation of what we have been blessed with, and it taught us that we could make a difference in other people’s lives through giving. I am looking forward to participating in future building projects, and I hope to encourage more of my family, friends, co-workers, and clients to make a difference for families that need help.

My tenure at First Rate has given me a better understanding of what it means to serve others. I have been able to witness the power of ‘Business as Mission’ and the benefits this has provided to many people, which ranges from our clients to the communities that we serve as a result of our successes. This has had a profound effect on me and has encouraged me to establish a deeper connection with my faith and become a more compassionate person. It has given me the confidence and understanding that no matter how big or small, we all have the power to affect change and help others in need. I have recently become more involved in my local church by becoming a member of the Knights of Columbus (KOC). In 2017, the KOC gave more than $185 million directly to charity and performed over 75.6 million hours in volunteer service worldwide. This has been a great way for me to get involved locally and has provided me with a lot of opportunities to contribute my time and raise money to support many people in need.

I am thankful to have found First Rate, and I believe it has inspired me in a lot of positive ways. It has opened my eyes to the impact that everyone can have when ‘Business as Mission’ is embraced. I am hopeful that this concept will continue to grow as we continue to lead with love, give what we can, serve those in need, and enjoy its results. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing experiences with family, friends, colleagues, and clients who realize they have the value to make a difference.

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