Right-Sizing Service

Consumers want a choice in the services they receive when flying.  The airlines have realized that they can fill their planes with happy customers who pay for the services they value.  For years now there has been First Class, Business Class and Economy.  It’s interesting that the airlines can come up with something more basic than economy, but they are nothing if not creative.  Recently a major airline we frequently use added a basic economy fare with no seat selection and no possibility of upgrade.  Now fliers hoping to travel by air can shave their ticket price by another $50 and use that money for the overpriced food at their vacation destination.
The same holds true in our business.  Years ago, we did an implementation for a Texas client who presented the “Cowboy Math” report to most of their clients.  It was perfect for the plain-speaking, straightforward clients they served.  The clientele was focused on a destination and likely not entirely concerned about all the details that contribute to them getting there.

First Rate has over 80 report objects that can be combined into a report package.  These schedules range from basic allocation and return information like ‘Cowboy Math’ all the way to risk statistics, attribution and contribution reports.  This helps advisors create the right package of information for each investor.  Better yet, within our partnerships, we have a tiered solution that helps you right-size the reporting to the investor.  The investor may only need a Total Portfolio return, or if you’ve been discussing diversification into different styles of assets you might want a single page report of style performance within a statement.  From there, the sky is the limit, with trend analysis, basic risk and advanced risk reporting and then attribution, both domestic and multi-currency.  Assigning the right tier of reporting to each account’s needs helps you ‘right-size’ your service and adjust when necessary. 

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