Picking a Trusted and Credible Provider From a Pool of Firms

Being a leading industry expert is something a lot of firms talk about in their marketing material. Words such as “industry leading”, “the authority in” or “the preferred solution” are terms thrown out on most websites without any evidence to back it up.

WealthManagement.com is one of a handful of companies that conducts evaluations with a panel of nine different independent judges with diverse areas of industry influence and expertise. The evaluations acknowledge providers within the financial services marketplace based on solutions, services, programs and initiatives that help advisors build successful businesses.

“There are dozens of award programs aimed at financial advisors, but very few that recognize advisors sit at the center of a growing ecosystem of businesses – custodians, asset managers, technology providers, TAMPS, marketers – all with programs helping that advisor meet the objective of providing the best service to their clients,” said David Armstrong, Editor-in-Chief, WealthManagement.com.

The mission of the Industry Awards is to continue to help inspire innovation and leadership among the different participants while also fostering an environment that enables financial service providers to better support their advisors as leaders in their industry and community.

We, at First Rate, are excited that our company was named a finalist for WealthManagement.com’s 2015 Industry Awards. Selected from more than 300 initial nominations across 11 different categories, First Rate is a finalist for Technology in Wealth Reporting and for Thought Leadership in Industry/Advocacy.

For more information about the nominations or to attend the awards event, please visit awards.wealthmanagement.com.

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