High School Football Comes Full-Circle Leading to an Unexpected Passion for Mentorship

First Rate is an amazing company. Why? Is it because we offer innovative investment performance and client reporting solutions? Do we hold ourselves to the highest standard for customer service? Yes, and yes! While I value these crucial elements of a thriving fintech, my appreciation for First Rate lives at a greater depth.

In 2014, I joined the company on our BPO team as a goofy, overly chipper college student supporting clients part-time between exams and studying. What I didn’t know at the time was 1) How working here would shape my perspective for what a company could represent, 2) How servant-hearted my new coworkers would be, and 3) The lasting impact I would apply to my personal life.

I once felt the term ‘Giving Back’ implied it was only for individuals who are well-established, and, yes, “old”. How could a baby-faced postgrad contribute time and resources when both seemed so scarce? Spoiler: I was quickly proven wrong.

My primary story of Giving Back via First Rate begins before I became an employee. I attended high school in Arlington, TX – only a few miles from the First Rate main office. First Rate has a strong reputation for generously investing in our local communities and beyond. This generosity includes the sponsorship for my alma mater’s 7-on-7 summer football team, which I played on during my time. The sponsored proceeds minimize the financial burden for players and families to enroll in tournaments, purchase jerseys, etc. For those that may not be familiar, 7-on-7 is a version of football that only involves passing plays and one-hand-touch is used in lieu of physical tackles. It allows players to remain in shape with healthy competition, and it’s a lot of fun. The rumors are true – high school football in Texas doesn’t have an offseason.

Shortly after college, a close friend (also a former player/teammate) asked me to coach the JV squad with him. My response was iffy at best. My hesitation stemmed from the fear of over committing my time during the precious summer months. I was finally finished with school, and I was eager to take weekend trips and hang out with friends. In addition, commanding the attention of 20 teenagers felt like a daunting task.

I ultimately agreed to coach despite my concerns, and I’m glad I did. I’m going on my fourth year now, and I love having the opportunity to represent First Rate in the community while mentoring players that stand where I once stood. It all came full-circle for me, and I’m thankful.

First Rate exists for reasons beyond helping Wealth Managers organize data and communicate with their clients. It also acts as a vehicle for contributing time and gifts to causes and organizations that matter to its employees and partners. Although my story is unique to me, similar stories are abundant in my company from inspiring coworkers who share the same desire to do more at any station in life. Don’t believe me? Here is a link to hear stories from my colleagues also fulfilling their personal passions with the help and support of First Rate.

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