Five Things You Missed At the 2015 First Rate Conference

1. Goal-Based Reporting. Darrin Courtney from the CEB Tower Group presentation solidified that this is the #1 trend in client reporting. CEB research found that being able to show client progress relative to goals is the top feature being sought by firms looking for a new solution


Michael Tyler, Chief Investment Officer from Easter Bank, said this is the single more important way investment managers can communicate with clients.



Kate Baird showed off the industry-leading Goals Based Reporting Solution which has been receiving significant attention



2. What’s New With First Rate? Sabine Adams, Osato Agboaye, and Rob Bethmann reviewed the biggest and best changes of 2015 from our new user interface, management oversight tool, First Rate University, multi-language reports, ARKON, Lightning, global operations, APIs, web services, and beyond! First Rate has hit a new gear in delivering solutions that investment managers need to provide transparency, increase engagement and are easy to use.

3. What is risk from a client’s perspective? Stephen Campisi of US Trust presented with his usual charm and witty flare how the wealth management industry is much too consumed in ourselves and not at all consumed enough with how our clients see the world. Through a case study in serving foundations and endowments, Stephen explored the real risk that they face when investing, mission failure! Risk in the clients perspective isn’t volatility, tracking error and standard deviation. Risk is not funding their liabilities and not providing services their constituents need. Stephen challenged the audience to learn to communicate investment risk in these terms and to seek to give our clients the highest likelihood of mission success, not highest returns.


Steve Campisi, CFA – What is a Fiduciary? Loyalty, Prudence, Care. @FirstRatePerf #fintech #fiduciary #CFA #2015PerfConf — Judson Stone (@judson_stone) March 30, 2015

4. Think Global, Invest Local. Michael Tyler presented a framework that he uses to educate clients on how global economic events impact local investment decisions. Michael’s overview of macroeconomic forces helped us see that our investment results are truly a reflection of a global economy and that we cannot see our domestic investments in a bubble. No wonder Michael is a regular on CNBC.


5. Homes of Hope. A group of almost 30 clients, partners, and employees of First Rate spent the weekend before the conference building two homes for families in poverty in Tijuana, Mexico. The experience is amazing and we were so glad to be able to share it with our clients and partners. First Rate employees, families and clients have built more than 30 homes in Mexico over the past 15 years through YWAM Homes of Hope. Want to join us for a home build in the future??? Just let us know.


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