First Rate’s First Employee Shares Over 25 Years of Passion for His Community

Even in First Rate’s humble beginnings, community involvement has always been a cornerstone of its livelihood. I was inspired from the very beginning as the very first employee of First Rate.


During my early adulthood in Arlington, TX, I was incredibly busy starting a family, a new job (at First Rate), and membership in a new church, I still felt driven to incorporate community involvement into my daily life. I enjoyed YMCA dad & daughter/son programs such as YMCA Indian Guides, Princess, and Trails programs, which involved many campouts and teaching kids to develop teamwork and character. I was even nominated to be the first Chief of the Zuni tribe, which involved wearing the famous ceremonial headdress! (picture to the left is nearly 20 years old now!)

I cherish the memories with my kids and the friends I’ve made during those YMCA days, as well as the YWAM home build trips. Those trips were a great way to help out the less fortunate and involve my three children to show them “hands-on” assistance that we could all do together.

Fast forward to my new city Mansfield TX with a whole new community to discover. I soon took an interest in sports-related volunteer jobs due to my son’s athletic involvement. From coaching YMCA pee-wee football to later becoming the Football Booster Club President, community involvement became a rewarding part of my life. I was able to help young athletes during their school years and see them grow into college-bound football and track athletes under the leadership of the God-centered coaching staff of Legacy High School.

As running has also been one of my passions, I currently run with Creekwood Church’s Godspeed Running Club, where I act as life group co-leader in addition to my leadership position in my Holy Spirit Life Group. Church has always been a part of my life and I can’t imagine life without it. I strive to support our community church in any way I can as it has blessed my family and countless others.

Many of these community/volunteer activities would not be possible without support from First Rate. I’m so glad I work at a company that has always encouraged volunteering and getting involved in our communities. It has given me the time and money to do so many things within the community and beyond!

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