First Rate Successfully Performs 2015 Disaster Recovery Exercise

Arlington, TX – May 27, 2015 – First Rate, a leading provider of performance measurement and client reporting solutions for the financial services industry, today announced it has successfully completed its 2015 disaster recovery exercise. First Rate’s team proved their ability to respond, communicate and recover from a disaster in which its primary data center became non-functional requiring First Rate to bring its clients back online at the secondary site in less than 24 hours. The First Rate team was successful in performing the transition and professionally executing the business resumption plan.

“Our clients depend on us to keep them online with access to their performance information,” said Bo McWilliams, general manager of First Rate Hosting Solutions and the leader of the disaster recovery exercise. “The financial service marketplace requires service providers have effective business resumption plans that minimize disruption to client services in the event of a catastrophe. Regular periodic tests of our business resumption capabilities are critical to establishing client confidence in our plan’s capability to support their business objectives in the event of an actual disaster. These exercises are a standard part of First Rate’s Managed Hosting services.”

The performance measurement reporting aspect of financial services firms has become more critical in terms of minimization of service disruption and the demand to provide world-class service. This exercise demonstrates First Rate’s capabilities to effectively recover from a catastrophic event and minimize client impact.

Contact First Rate today to discover how First Rate’s Hosting Solutions can bring value to your firm. If you have any questions about the business resumption exercise, please contact [email protected].

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