First Rate + CMC = Turn Key Reporting

The single best way to improve your client reporting is connecting it to how you differentiate yourself in managing the portfolio.  Too often performance reporting is thought of as a disclosure statement or something you have to have but doesn’t drive value. Typically, this is because the performance reporting doesn’t align with how the manager likes to communicate their value-add.  If the value-add is how you increased exposure to emerging equities this past quarter but your reporting doesn’t show the breakout of emerging equities from developed equities or even breakout international equities from domestic, you can’t use the reporting to tell your story.

The cmc and frdisconnect in how you manage a portfolio and how you report on the portfolio to an investor is the reason why First Rate partnered with Capital Market Consultants (CMC).  CMC helps clients build portfolios and manages them to outperform on a risk and return basis versus a passive benchmark.  CMC has a specific classification schema in how they manage the portfolios, a blended index that serves as their passive benchmark and actively manage the risk their portfolios are exposed to.  By partnering together, CMC and First Rate are bringing together these specific elements to the client reporting that Wealth Managers can use to demonstrate that value.

The partnership will make performance reporting a turn-key experience in the following ways:

  1. First Rate will import the CMC asset mapping schema.  No more relying on your operations team to update coding or try to manual map the assets yourself.  We have you covered.
  2. First Rate will automatically assign any portfolios following the CMC models the appropriate blended benchmark which serves as the model’s passive target benchmark.
  3. First Rate will deploy the CMC Client Reporting package to your region at no charge.  Wish you had best practice reporting that communicates your value-add, search no more.
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