First Rate Chooses To Challenge – International Women’s Day 2021

As a proud woman-owned and led fintech firm, we choose to challenge. We choose to challenge the systems, ideologies, and stereotypes that create hindrances in achieving gender equality. All of our individual experiences speak to areas that we are passionate about challenging and influencing change. As a part of our core values of love, give, serve, and enjoy, we wanted to reach out to our First Rate team to share what they challenge and what areas they are passionate about changing.


Craig Wietz


I #choosetochallenge the belief that women leaders are not available for senior positions in companies.


Debra Detweiler

General Manager, Products - Performance & Integrations

I continue to #choosetochallenge and fight to end the gender stereotypes and bias that exist in the workplace. Opportunities and possibilities should not be dictated by gender. I tag Deb Repak and Rob Bethmann!


Marshall Smith

Chief Operating Officer

I #choosetochallenge the #wealthtech industry to make room for Women to bring their leadership, innovation and talents to our industry. We are better when we do.


Emily Traxler

Chief Business Development Officer

I #choosetochallenge gender stereotypes and bias that exist in our workplace and our industry so my daughter, and all young women, grow up knowing they can pave their own paths full of opportunity because of the women and men that came before them and stood firm together to break down barriers!


Kate Baird

General Manager, Wealth

I #ChooseToChallenge Conventional thinking about organizational business cultures that leave the heart behind and miss the advantage of having the whole person engaged.


Grayson Greer

Account Executive

I #choosetochallenge gender stereotypes and inequality that exist in the workplace today. Women should be empowered and encouraged (equally as men are) to LEARN, LEAD, INNOVATE, TEACH and chase and achieve their own dreams.
“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” -Sheryl Sandberg


Stefan Maxwell

Performance Analyst, Wealth

I #choosetochallenge Women’s Basic Rights or lack thereof in third world countries! These issues must cease!!!!!


Noel Vandever

Controller Director

I #choosetochallenge gender stereotypes and bias that exist in our workplace and our industry – we all have a purpose and passion in life that needs to be heard and shared!


Deniqua Hill

Chief Administrative Officer

Happy International Women’s Day! I #choosetochallange gender bias, racial and cultural stereotypes that face women of color, microaggression, and pay disparities. I will use my voice to foster change and support other females to build a brighter future for my daughter. Let’s continue to #shatterglassceilings.


Kathryn Stone

First Rate Living Manager

Happy International Women’s Day to the women out there making things happen!! Today, I #choosetochallenge the notion women have to have a male co-worker as an advocate or supporter of their ideas, strategies, or products for them to be put into action/production. Women’s voices are valid on their own! I’m challenging this notion so women in future generations know they ARE enough, their voices/ideas/products are valid, and they can move the needle and make an impact in their space.


Leah Sanders

Assistant Controller

I #ChooseToChallenge the mindset that women in business must work harder than men for a seat in the boardroom.

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