First Rate Celebrates Finalist Award for OnPoint Reporting

wma15-brand-mainBeing a finalist in the awards means a lot not only in the business of First Rate, but to the people who have put in the long and hard work to make First Rate solutions a must-have in the wealth management industry. I had the opportunity to sit down with Senior Business Analyst and OnPoint guru, Jan Guild, to discuss why OnPoint was needed in our arsenal of solutions and what this finalist decree from means for First Rate and our products team.

1. What lead to the creation of OnPoint Reporting?

At First Rate it has never been a question of the importance of offering reporting solutions that help our clients substantiate value-add to their investors. Early on in our company’s history, we established our reputation as an industry leader in providing accurate, diverse data points and schedules; we wanted to be a leader in the presentation of that data as well. We asked, listened and heard the need for cost-effective ways to present sharp looking, branded reports that were relevant to current industry trends and that supported their approach to investor conversations.

2. Why do you think OnPoint is a finalist and industry leader?

In a word, FLEXIBILITY. It starts in the foundational architecture of the reports and carries through to the final steps of running the reports. With its totally option-driven design and our report builder feature, clients can design their own reports combining OnPoint schedules as they want them. If needed, unique client-specific report schedules can be created one time and used in combination with any of the over 100 base schedules. Additionally, First Rate continues to add to our OnPoint library in response to new industry trends; most recently introducing Goals Based reports. The firm’s brand can be supported through color, font, and styling selections in our base themes or a custom theme can be created. And with a one-time set-up, a custom theme is automatically applied to all their reports. It is start-to-finish flexibility that combines with other First Rate applications to provide report sequencing, automated scheduled reporting, and optional run-time selections for a total reporting experience. First Rate provides a solution that can fit each user’s unique reporting expectations and needs. And finally this “custom experience” is our base reporting solution.

3. What do we hope clients gain by using OnPoint?

By incorporating OnPoint reporting firms will be able to strengthen their client relationships with reports that not only provide relevant, accurate investment information but present it with a visual WOW factor that further substantiates their commitment to quality wealth management.

4. Where does the innovation in our products team go in the future?

The sky’s the limit. With technology and savvy users, we may be finger painting reports in the air. Just know that First Rate is listening to our clients, wealth management, and technology leaders, and our goal is to continue to be a leader in wealth management reporting. Sounds like we’re onto something with our OnPoint reporting solution, but don’t just take Jan’s and my word for it; watch here to learn from our President, Craig Wietz, why OnPoint can change the future of your reporting.

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