Breaking the Bias – International Women’s Day 2022

Did you know there are less than 30% of the FinTech industry is female? And less than 5% of them are CEOs? A proud women-owned AND led business, First Rate is constantly breaking the bias by creating opportunities for women in leadership in FinTech.

Recently, our very own Debra Detwieler facilitated a company-wide discussion on “The Likeability Dilemma for Women Leaders”, bringing awareness to unconscious biases in the workplace. We later reached out to our First Rate team to share how they plan to individually #breakthebias.


Alycee Evans

I stand with women everywhere in #BreakingtheBias! I would love to see a world where equality and discrimination is not an issue. One statement, one action at a time could make a difference. This small stance is where I begin! #BreaktheBias


Deniqua Hill

#Breakthebias all across the world so that women can bring their authentic voice, presence, and talent to the table in business allowing for growth, flexibility, and opportunities safe from judgment, bias, and inequality.


Kathryn Stone

Happy #InternationalWomensDay! I’m standing next to two women who have broken the biases and barriers of the #Financial AND #Technology worlds throughout their careers. I’m honored to work with such great role models who have shown me how to stand firm in a ‘man’s world,’ how to care of business AND family well, and how to be myself no matter what room I’m in. Thank you to all the women in Tech, the Financial world, and the #FinTech world who have shattered the glass ceilings and made room for the next generation of women in these industries.


Sabine Adams

In order to #BreakTheBias, we must acknowledge our physical and mental strength and don’t be afraid to demonstrate it. We have to support other women to be fierce and bold but also allow ourselves to be emotional and graceful. We must change perceptions that a strong, opinionated woman is nagging or selfish. Happy Woman’s Day!


Virginia Franklin

I stand as a Black Woman to #breakthebias. We must continue to challenge the world to respect us for who we are and give us equal pay for equal work. From the board room to the WNBA we must continue to fight for what is rightfully ours as women. We are mothers, sisters, wifes, executives, athletes, clergy etc., and we are making a powerful difference. Our future is bright. #BreakTheBias #WeAreHeretToStay


Deborah Repak

As a more mature woman in business, I have been encouraged over the years to see the progress being made to #breakthebias. From my own personal business and life journey, I have seen many great accomplishments made by women who can get the job done as well or better than their male counterparts. Women and men who observe and give space to others who contribute ideas and viewpoints from many different perspectives will almost always end with a better solution. Women who lead know that it is often the quiet, reflective voice that can help create real synergy rather than listening to the loudest or most aggressive voice in the room. I have been the loud voice in the room as a female trying to persuade others to go along with my opinion. I hope to increase my self-awareness to know when that may be appropriate and when it’s time to be the quiet, reflective voice without feeling like I’m not being heard. There is work to be done on both sides of the fence so let’s keep this going!


Emily Nash

In order to #breakthebias, we must ALL challenge each other’s perspectives on women in the workplace. I want to see a world where women’s naturally gifted qualities are celebrated as an asset to a team versus a distraction. Things like being empathetic, caring, sensitive, intuitive, nurturing, observant, and structured are things that make the world go round! Don’t apologize for being a woman! #thefutureisfemale


Patti Demeis

We’re all in this together. #Breakthebias

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