An American Pastime Paves the Way in Building a Strong Community

Some say watching baseball is like watching grass grow, but when you start to pay attention to the little things, the game becomes so exciting. You can see the players strategize their move for every moment of the game. People who say that baseball is boring don’t really know the game; they are just casual observers.

I have loved baseball ever since childhood, when I used to play with the kids on the high school practice field near my home (Sandlot style). But it didn’t stop there; for over 40 years I played in several different softball leagues. Despite the painful and unforgettable experience of being hit in the face with a softball, my love for the game has always been strong.

I moved to Arlington Texas in 1979 and have lived, worked, and raised my kids in this community. As I got more involved in Arlington, my love for the Texas Rangers blossomed.

In 2014, I learned about an organization created by the Texas Rangers Organization called The Texas Rangers Women’s Club (TRWC). The club was created in 1974 when the organization decided to find a group of women that loved baseball to be ambassadors for the team. No one knew how many women the new club would draw, but 300 women showed up to the first event! I decided to join TRWC because of my love of baseball and the enjoyment I get from being in the Rangers stadium. It brings me joy to greet all the fans, see long lost friends (whose names I can’t always remember), and gift promotional items, including everything from rally towels to bobbleheads.

However, volunteering for TRWC is so much more than being a “Superfan”. One of the things that drew me to them was their involvement and active participation in the community. We have volunteered to work at food banks in Dallas and Fort Worth. We have teamed together to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. We make many donations throughout the year such as school supplies, Christmas toys, and canned food donations. We volunteer to sort clothes and supplies with Mission Arlington. Last but not least, we choose a local charity to which we make a donation each year.

I am proud to have served in many different roles on the TRWC Board over the past 6 years, including Membership Chairman and Treasurer. I am thankful that TRWC has given me opportunities to meet new people from all over the DFW area and to help my community while indulging my passion of watching baseball. I look forward to continuing to make strides in our community as well as winning the World Series someday (one can only hope)!

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