Portfolio Analytics and
Reporting Solution
Bank of America

First Rate supports wealth and institutional investment advisors by aggregating and reconciling data from multiple sources, providing performance analysis and analytics, producing reports that tell the investment story, and transforming data into actionable insights using NLG technology.

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First Rate’s augmented data aggregation supports structured and unstructured data using an AI-enabled reconciliation process allowing your firm the ability to access deeper data sets, have more transparency, and trust that your data is reliable. Through our collaborative dashboard, your firm will be able to eliminate the challenges associated with obtaining client authorizations.

Risk Analytics

First Rate’s risk analytics allows your firm to understand the correlations between investments, see how funds perform in different market conditions, and ensure you are positioned to successfully execute on your goals


First Rate’s performance calculation measures from composite to the total plan and computes time weighted rates of return and the internal rate of return, analyzes using modern portfolio theory analytics, applies equity and fixed income attribution, provides benchmark analysis, and alternative investment analytics.


First Rate’s custom reporting includes multi-channel distribution of reports, dynamic content management, flexibility to bring in non-performance-related documents, quad reporting, custom template creation, and date flexibility allowing for customizable date ranges.

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