Perfecting Client Services One Day at a Time: 3 Ways Daily Stand Up Meetings Play a Role in Client Satisfaction

Rob Bethmann( General Manager, Service Bureau )Rob Bethmann joined First Rate as the firm’s 10th employee in 1998. He has served in multiple business units in the company and currently serves as [...]

Light at the End of the … Conversion!

We know it and you know it … software conversions are painful. We often hear prospects tempering their enthusiasm for moving to a new system with their fear of the painful process of [...]

Above and Beyond – First Rate’s Superior Support Model

  One of my favorite aspects of serving in my role as General Manager in Service Bureau is the time I get to spend with clients and prospects in their offices.  I learn the most about the [...]

What do Investors Want: Goals-Based Reporting, Benchmark-based Reporting, or Both?

At First Rate we have a unique vantage point while scanning the investment landscape. First Rate develops and supports tools that help investment professionals communicate results to their end [...]

First Rate Lightning – Powerful Reporting in a Flash

The banking landscape in America has been dominated by large financial institutions over the last few decades. However, the community bank still plays an integral role in the fabric of [...]