Peer Group Comparison: The What, The How, The Why Now?

                 Should I take the toll-way or the highway?               Should I cook with olive oil or butter?               Should I strap my lawn chair to 45 weather balloons to fulfill [...]

The Art of Data

In my experience, downstream external systems–like a performance system–often reveal issues in the accounting data that standard accounting audits don’t catch. Asset setup errors, [...]

Right-Sizing Service

Consumers want a choice in the services they receive when flying.  The airlines have realized that they can fill their planes with happy customers who pay for the services they value.  For years [...]

Reflections of Women & Wealth Conference: Part 2

Reflections on Women & Wealth:  Women Investors (Part 2) Women are smart, capable and prudent investors.  It is imperative that they participate and feel they have ownership of their finances [...]

Reflections of Women and Wealth Conference: Part 1

The Rise of Women in Business I had the privilege of attending the first Women & Wealth conference hosted by Financial Research Associates, LLC and the time was wisely spent. Study after [...]