Build Your House on the Rock: The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Emily Traxler( Chief Marketing Officer, Director )Emily Traxler, Chief Marketing Officer, Director, has been with First Rate since 2010. In her role she manages the Marketing team to expand [...]

5 Tips to Elevate Your Firm with Automated Billing

The days of mailing paper invoices to clients and receiving envelopes containing paper checks is a dim memory for most businesses.  In this age of electronic transfers and digital currencies, an [...]

Calculating the Real Cost of Tech Ownership

As the financial sector evolves amid market shifts and regulatory changes, technology is a must-have for wealth management firms. Financial technology enables advisors to stay connected to [...]

5 Challenges Resolved by Consolidating Data for DOL Compliance

As firms across the country take action to comply with recently enacted Department of Labor (DOL) regulations, consolidating data is a top priority. The latest financial rules, which kicked in [...]

How to Calculate the Cost of Compliance

Applying the fiduciary standard in accordance with the latest Department of Labor (DOL) regulations can be a steep expense for financial firms. Wealth management organizations are making [...]

White Paper: Mastering Fiduciary Readiness with These 4 Key Priorities

June 9 ushered in a new era of financial regulation. With the legislation hanging in the balance through heavy criticism and comprehensive review, its implementation last month sent ripples of [...]

Blog – Speaking to Clients in a Way They Understand

The financial industry is known for its complex lexicon. Advisors and other insiders often converse exclusively using terminology most personal investors do not understand. Much of their jargon [...]

Blog – Transitioning Wealth: What it is and Why it Matters for Retention

The financial services industry is at the brink extraordinarily exciting times. Over the next 15 years, there will be a transfer of approximately $30 to $33 trillion from the current generation [...]

Performance Calculations at Your Fingertips – Don’t let the SEC Rule Scare You!

On August 25, 2016 the SEC announced amendments to several Investment Advisers Act rules. The SEC adopted the Amendments to require additional information from advisers that will allow investors [...]

From Failures to Flutes to First Rate: The Evolution of Foundation

In fourth grade, I encountered my first BIG failure. I remember the experience distinctly. I walked into second-period music class, was presented a 12-inch blue zip-up bag and told to sit down [...]

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