Defining the Wealth Manager and Investor Relationship

The best wealth manager-client relationships are built on trust. A successful trusting relationship requires a deep understanding of the client’s goals for his or her investment activity. When [...]

Encrypted Data at Rest – A Necessity in a High Security Environment

In the financial industry, data security is paramount. Recent compliance guidelines have identified Encrypted Data at Rest (EDR) as an industry best practice for hosted applications.  The [...]

APIs…What, How, and Why Now?

Synergy, Integration, Dashboard, Millennials, Bandwidth, Scalability… and now introducing… (drumroll please)… “APIs”. Indeed, no current list of buzzwords is complete without the most important [...]

What MiFID II Directive Means For EU Performance Professionals

  First RateFirst Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our reporting solutions help financial firms create absolute [...]

Is Measuring Advisor Results Really that Important?

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Managing Skewness, the Hidden Risk in your Portfolio

Better statistics – disappointing outcomes? You are taking a goals-based approach to managing your clients’ investments: you understand their financial goals, you have planned for the investment [...]

How to Use Technology to Comply with DOL Fiduciary Rule

To comply with DOL regulations, many firms are simply adding all their new brokerage accounts to their managed account platforms. This approach seems to be a straightforward solution to ensuring [...]