Better Goals-Based Tools Help Wealth Managers Keep The Wheels Rolling

Goals-based wealth management is not about re-inventing the wheel. It is about helping to align the different wheels of a client’s holistic financial plan so they roll smoothly throughout a [...]

Isn’t Performance Just Math?

If you have worked in the investment performance industry for a certain length of time, you are very likely to have come across the statement “performance is just math.”  In a sense, [...]

First Rate Automates Portfolio Oversight and Compliance for Wealth Management Firms with ExecView

ExecView provides data mining and surveillance across large sets of accounts to identify various outliers and exceptions for those who have oversight responsibilities. ExecView facilitates the [...]

From Failures to Flutes to First Rate: The Evolution of Foundation

In fourth grade, I encountered my first BIG failure. I remember the experience distinctly. I walked into second-period music class, was presented a 12-inch blue zip-up bag and told to sit down [...]

What You Put In Is What You Get Out

“Never judge a book by its cover.” This statement has been used for many years to remind people not to judge a person, an event, a situation, or a book by its outward appearance. It may be [...]

Making Investment More Meaningful: How Goal-Based Reporting Transforms Investor Experience

First RateFirst Rate exists to help wealth management companies grow and thrive as stewards of their clients’ investments. Our reporting solutions help financial firms create absolute [...]